Ain’t People Misinformed?

Tax is falling harder on people, not companies, according to the OECD this month. “Corporate taxpayers continue finding ways to pay less, while individuals end up footing the bill,” said their director for tax policy and administration. “This underlines the urgency of efforts to ensure that corporations pay their fair share.”

All tax is incident upon people as there’s only us people here for tax to be incident upon.

In other news Polly is ignorant of economics……

6 thoughts on “Ain’t People Misinformed?”

  1. To increase wealth you have to increase the size of the pie not keep thinking up ways to take a bigger slice in tax plus you have to make sure that the slice you take isn’t wasted

  2. It’s that lefty obsession with corporation tax again. It never seems to occur to them that taxing profits in a globalised economy with global supply chains is likely to be difficult and will be unlikely to give you the number you first thought of.

  3. Two observations:

    1/ Despite an alleged falling out it would appear Polly has no issue with repeating Murphy’s wholly inaccurate claims about the Corporate tax gap

    2/ You ignore the existence of the magic money tree and persist in assuming that people are motivated by self-interest rather than the people’s wider interests as enunciated by Tuscan villa owning types like Polly, who understand the interests of ‘the people’ far more than you do.

    You are, candidly, both a pendant and a ‘Neoliberal Troll’.

  4. “In other news Polly is ignorant of economics……”: why pick on economics? The great dugong is ignorant of pretty much everything.

  5. Or alternatively: companies are ensuring their tax bill is paid via their employee’s income tax rather than the company’s corporation tax. Should be good news, all that 20%-40% income tax being paid instead of all that piddly 15%-18% corporation tax.

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