Anyone know anyone with a spare $100 million?

Now, campaigners calling for Britain to leave the EU fear that they will be out-gunned in the debate by pro-European political parties and the Commission in Brussels.
Because the Commission is based overseas, it is exempt from having to comply with the UK election laws that limit the amounts that the British campaigns will be able to spend on advertising and leaflets in the months leading up to the referendum.

Set up an overseas organisation that meets the same exemption standards as the EU itself and fund that.

Ad I would also play dirty, very dirty. Put Martin Schultz in a Picklegrauber (? spikey helmet?) with the caption “Do you want a fat German socialist running Britain?” Find one of Juncker badly drunk or hungover with “Would you buy a used constitution from this man?”

Etc etc. Really go or it, entirely unattributable to any of the official campaigns of course, but use both humour and insult to their best extent.

So anyone know anyone with a spare $100 million?

7 thoughts on “Anyone know anyone with a spare $100 million?”

  1. I don’t quite get this, since the EU is funded by governments, including ours, it surely must be subject to electoral rules. No?

  2. Wouldn’t the European Commission (or its paid lackeys) carpet bombing the UK with propaganda be somewhat counter-productive? If the OUT campaign just stick to pointing out who is paying for the IN advertising campaigns, and ignore whatever they say, then the electorate will get the message.

    Follow The Money and They Would Say That Wouldn’t They? are powerful points to make, looks like the EU will be giving the OUT campaign plenty of ammunition to use.

  3. I haven’t Tim but if I had, I would put you in charge of my campaign, brilliant slogans!

    But you are correct – we need a political equivalent of Churchill’s SOE a.k.a. the department of ungentlemanly warfare.

  4. Some of this strikes me as a bit like saying: 60% of interested people want to stay in the EU, it’s so unfair that 60% of the support people provide goes to organisations that support staying in the EU.

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