Because it’s fuck all to do with you Honey

Bidisha, a regular guest on the BBC, renewed pressure on Oriel College to remove the Rhodes statue. She wrote: “The prestigious Rhodes scholarship in his name can easily be renamed, and, indeed, I wonder why it’s taking so long.”

It’s not your money. What it’s called, what it gets spent upon, who gets it, how that is decided. All of them are simply fuck all to do with you.

If someone wanted to set up scholarships in memory of some mass murdering racist, say the Pol Pot Memorials, they’ve every right to do that. Simply because it is their money, not your.


18 thoughts on “Because it’s fuck all to do with you Honey”

  1. Let them remove it, on the proviso that before doing so, anybody who has ever benefitted financially from the scholarship repays that benefit at todays inflation adjusted levels, just to show that they share the disgust at the man’s actions, and wish the statue to be removed.

  2. @ Worzel
    (i) Most Rhodes Scholars have died of old age by now.
    (ii) Anyone who objected to Rhodes was perfectly at liberty to refuse the scholarship. Anyone who objected to Rhodes and accepted the scholarship was a greedy hypocrite.

  3. ” I wonder why it’s taking so long.”

    See what she did? There’s no argument to be had, she’s right and it’s just a question of when not if.

    Mind you that seems to be the case with all PC crap. Eventually they wear everyone else down, take control of the system and their way is impressed on everyone.

  4. I the foundation will now add a clause that no award will be made to students seeking to study at Oriel and such like lefty shit holes.

    I suspect employers will also start to look askance at people who have received what is referred to as their “education” in such establishments on the basis that they are likely to be hypocritical, trouble making, rabble rousing, narcissistic cunts…

  5. It’s perfectly reasonable to get recipients to sign something promising not to bad mouth their benefactor. In fact, I’m surprised that isn’t already the case. That’s how the EU does it, isn’t it, Peter and Nick?

  6. Oxford University or Oriel College can’t rename the scholarship, as it’s not theirs.
    “The Rhodes Scholarships are administered and awarded by the Rhodes Trust, which was established in 1902 under the terms and conditions of the will of Cecil John Rhodes, and funded by his estate”
    So it’s the trustees to make the decision, if they are allowed by the term of the trust.

  7. Mrs Rodham was also a recipient of a Rhode’s scholarship. It didn’t help him learn the right way to smoke cigars or cannabis.

  8. Everything is within their purview – do you think in the Nazi era there were pockets of areas where the state did not intrude (There might have been but they were not many in number). In North Korea or ISIS held territory are people freely allowed to hold opinions that are contrary to the state ‘official’ line? Of course not – she is acting completely logically in line with her (Admittedly bizarre) ideology.

    What I would say is that her output in the Guardian is so execrable she would be subject to the highest level of ‘Socialist tax’ (90% of her earnings confiscated and given back to her victims) and a very strong candidate for ‘extraordinary rendition’ to ISIS held territory…..

  9. Rational Anarchist

    To be fair his descendants would struggle to know they are descendants, he died.a bachelor with no known children and with some rumours that he might be homosexual.

  10. To be fair, the Catholic Church ran the school which educated me – and I think they are a bunch of cunts.

  11. Forgive my limited knowledge of Cecil Rhodes but from my left-pondian experiences he would be similar, but more successful, than Andrew Carnegie.

    I would equate the attempt to remove Rhodes from history as akin to burning down all of the libraries and concert halls that Carnegie built. Carnegie Mellon University isn’t on this list because it was started to provide engineers for his steal mills and not and end of life charity drive.

    Will Rhodes ever be canonized, no. Is he an important figure in history, yes. How someone came to think it forgetting the history they don’t approve of will make the world a better place is beyond me but history has proven again and again that it is a mistake.

  12. I just got it. They forgot the history of forgetting history.

    After we burn down the libraries, schools and music halls, smelt the statues, and use the stones of our greatest architecture for tombstones I suggest we get rid of those pesky prizes like the Nobel and the Pulitzer.

    Tell me again why we care that some of these nutters are joining those with similar ideas in ISIS as long as they do it over there?

  13. Campaign to remove Rhodes statue ‘is like Isil’s destruction of antiques’, says Oxford don

    And so say all of us

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