Clearly we’ll have to do something about this

Presidents and prime ministers ‘age faster and die sooner’
Political leaders age faster than normal and that the stress of the job may shave almost three years off their life expectancy, new study finds

New work safety rule: no one is allowed to grasp the brass ring in politics then.

Hey, works for me.

18 thoughts on “Clearly we’ll have to do something about this”

  1. So how come Mugabe keeps going? He’s over double the average life expectancy for a Zimbabwean. Salazar? Mao? All had years in the job to wear them down.

  2. Ljh …and the Daddy of them all, Fidel Castro. In the case of Mugabe, there’s statistical manipulation to take account of. The average life expectancy has been dropping throughout his time in office. I can think of a few contemporary PM’s and presidents who can’t age fast enough…..

  3. Ljh
    Dictators don’t have to worry about re-election or a 24-hour news cycle, which could mean less stress….

  4. Well consider Tony Blair: I wonder if like a latter day Dorian Grey he has a Bambi portrait in the attic.

    And the Archbishop of Canterbury already looks like a skull or an intimation of his and our mortality.

  5. Sorry, should read:

    The secret is to be a Communist dictator – you lower the average age of your population so much you outlive them by decades.

  6. John77

    ὃν οἱ θεοὶ φιλοῦσιν, ἀποθνῄσκει νέος.

    The original quote, above, is from Menander. There is no mention of “at heart”.

  7. Reminded of Mark Thomas commenting about the Iraq inquiry etc that those protesting may not have got Blair but they certainly put a few years on him, so maybe there is some sort of karmic justice after all

  8. @Theophrastus
    I never learnt Greek (that was for intellectuals) so I have relied on a well-supported translation which made sense. I have no idea whether you are correct – you may be.

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