Didn’t know James Hewitt was going bald

Harry’s facing the bald truth… Picture shows Prince has growing spot just like his brother and fa……..or aren’t we supposed to say that these days?

5 thoughts on “Didn’t know James Hewitt was going bald”

  1. IanB

    It is now thought that multiple genes are responsible and from both parents, though the androgen receptor on the X chromosome seems to have the most influence.

  2. There are numerous possibilities to counter the condition. Re-growth of hair lost is iffy but preserving what remains is possible in most cases. Those unfortunates who start going bald at about 17 (ie have the tendency most strongly) are hardest to help but probably most men could keep most of their barnet if they were willing to spend the money.

    And the Royals have a lot more of that than they do hair.

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