Disgusting gender inequality in Hollywood again!

Harrison Ford made 50 times more than Daisy Ridley for new Star Wars film.

Something must be done!

And it’s Wacist too! The black bloke got the same as the white woman, not the same as the white bloke!

Kill Disney!!!!!

36 thoughts on “Disgusting gender inequality in Hollywood again!”

  1. Another factor was probably that he’s only getting one paycheck, since he gets killed off in this one, whereas Hammill and Fisher get three paychecks.

  2. Don’t worry about it Ian. I wasn’t interested in seeing octogenarian Harrison Ford stink up the Millennium Falcon with his fixodent and Werther’s Originals anyway.

    It was sad enough when they dragged Leonard Nimoy out of the old folks home to appear in the execrable new Star Trek films.

  3. The biggest earner in Hollywood today is continuity. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t make a fortune for the Hunger Games sequels because she’s a great actress. It’s because she only got signed for 1 film, which they weren’t sure would be a hit and so when they wanted to make the sequels, they then pretty much had to pick her.Same with Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man (but most of his co-stars signed up for multiple films). Kaley Cuoco gets $1m an episode for Big Bang Theory because producers would rather not have “New Darrin”.

    Ian B: Seriously? That’s pretty anti-social. I’ve not seen it yet.

  4. I read that Ford got $25m and Fisher $1.5m. When the guardian discovers this there will be a great disturbance in the force as millions of voices cry out.

  5. I should imagine both of the young stars are happy to get a boost to their careers from Star Wars and hope to be where Harrison Ford is by the time they get to his age.

    How many billions has Ford earned the movie industry over the years? Especially with the Indiana Jones quadrilogy (although the last one was utter garbage)

    Holding out for a big paycheck for Star Wars 8 seems justified as does the $1.5 paycheck for Carrie Fisher. I mean what was the last big budget moneymaker she was in? 1989’s Harry Met Sally?

    So yes, market rules apply and it seems like those who brought the most to the table, were able to negotiate the best deals.

  6. Ford made a lot more money on the original films than the others because he took the % deal instead of a pay check on the first film. A lot of the cast have admitted they didn’t think the first film would amount to much, see also the give away of rights to figures/marketing etc to Lucas which earned him a bundle.
    Obviously Ford was negotiating from a position of strength as he has continuity on his side and “but that’s what I made before why should I have less now”
    Simple supply and demand, there’s plenty of young actress looking for a break, there’s only one Han Solo that won’t have the fans frothing at the mouth and issuing death threats.

  7. I don’t think the sisterhood will accept “market forces” as a valid explanation. We dont know yet how much the Wookiee and droids got. If that’s anything approaching Fisher’s salary there’ll be hell to pay.

  8. Neither Fisher nor Hammil have had careers as successful as Ford’s after Star Wars. Daisy “Who She?” Ridley will gain far more than a paycheck from gaining this role, as will Diversity Stormtrooper Guy.

  9. Dunno about Ian, but I have a winter BBQ planned , so any coal santa brings is welcome.
    Takes a bit of fuel to do Rudolph right at a proper temperature. 😛

  10. It’s a JJ Abrams film. That means you just get a repeat of everything you’ve seen before, with added lens flares and something “shocking” (like blowing up Vulcan). The man’s a total hack.

    With that in mind, take a wild guess at what the Empire- oops, the “First Order”- have constructed, and how it is destroyed at the end.

  11. Ian. Diversity stormtrooper guy was very good it’s rather mean spirited to refer to him so. The casting of a female and black male lead didn’t feel forced, I think to get a good balance of female leads in movies all they need to do is flip a coin when choosing whether to pick a male or female actor provided there is no insurmountable plot point depending on it. They did have a bit of fun with the weak female and white knight (stormtrooper, lol) tropes.

  12. Ford’s big pay cheque was obviously evil Disney dodging Corp tax…… Or something.

    Anyway two twenty somethings get paid a few hundred grand for a couple of months work, worldwide fame and a certain two more big paychecks. Bet they’re gutted about it. Poor buggers will be at the food banks tomorrow.

  13. All you people moaning about spoilers, just be happy no one told you about Kylo Ren being Han’s



  14. Important to point out that the linked article doesn’t complain about the respective paycheques. In fact, it points out that this is totally normal and nobody involved is likely to feel to put out by it.

    The spoiler, however, was bang out of order. I’d have been pissed off by that if I’d not already seen the film. Anyone who thinks people who don’t go see a new film in the first week are fair game for having their enjoyment of it lessened for no good reason is a dick.

  15. These are the first unmarked spoilers I’ve seen anywhere, so congratulation Ian B, you are officially the biggest twat on my subset of the internet. I’ve seen the film, but it’s still complete wanker behaviour.

  16. Well he’s better than my wife. She thought it would be funny to send me a photo taken of the aforementioned scene the day before I was going to see it.

  17. The worst spoilers were for the Lord Of The Rings films – somebody went and wrote a whole fucking book before the films came out. Inconsiderate bastard.

  18. “Anyone who thinks people who don’t go see a new film in the first week are fair game for having their enjoyment of it lessened for no good reason is a dick.”

    Anyone who feels his “enjoyment” of a media thing is so crucially dependent on Not Knowing The Plot that (s)he feels abuse and/or threats/acts of violence are an appropriate response if said enjoyment is, in his/her view, “threatened”, and expects the whole world to adapt to this particular worldview….

    suffers from the premier #firstworldproblem disease: Entitlement Syndrome.
    And a couple of loose teeth, if not worse, if the person in question were ever insane enough to utter the above threats from any other position than the perceived anonymity of a keyboard.

  19. @ Grikath

    I have never met IanB. If I did then I would happily repeat my assertion that he’s a dick for that spolier thing. It’s my opinion. I respect his right to be a dick. I expect he respects my right to think he’s a dick. I think we could both happily move on without anyone getting punched.

    Not doing spoilers is a social convention. Nobody is bound by it. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t allowed to express their views. I am aware that by reading a blog, opening Twitter, or simply interacting with other people in any fashion at all, that I risk t somebody giving away a key plot point to a movie I haven’t seen. I’d rather they didn’t.. because not knowing what happens in a film aids my enjoyment of it. That’s actually not a particularly weird thing, y’know.

  20. @Grikath

    I suspect that if Ian B had done that in a crowded bar, rather than on the internet equivalent, some kind soul would probably have assisted him with his teeth, and given nobody on here has threatened anything of the sort, I rather think you might have it back-to-front about who the keyboard warriors are.

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