Drivellingly stupid Guardian question of the day

Has Spain’s fragmented election called time on two-party politics in Europe?

Germany has been ruled by coalitions since whenever, the UK has just ceased to have a coalition government, or, as the LSE pointed out in 2010:

Currently across the 27 countries of the European Union, 20 (or nearly two thirds) are currently coalition governments. Looking in more detail, ten EU countries (including France, Germany and the UK) have governing coalitions are composed of a mainstream centre-right party in coalition with a Liberal party.

Is it actually necessary to be ignorant these days?

9 thoughts on “Drivellingly stupid Guardian question of the day”

  1. Apparently so…

    NL and BE both have forms of PR, so always have coalition governments, for instance.

    It’s the usual British projection that on the Continong (and even in more distant Foreigns) that they do almost everything the same way, only they talk funny and have better food.

  2. The LSE thinks that 20 is “nearly two-thirds” of 27. Hmmm…. English is not my native tongue, but I thought “nearly” in this context means “slightly less than”… or could it be that the LSE is, erm, ignorant of maths?

  3. The “better food” is pretty much an archaism nowadays. Although there is plenty of crap British food still available.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I would say that ignorance, stupidity, covetousness, spite, epistemic closure and mulish insistence on long-disproven dogma are not merely necessary to write for the Guardian but to be a member of the Left in good standing.

  5. One of my more frequent comments on the Guardian site is that their journalists must obvious have to have actively failed any sort of competency-based exams before they are allowed in.

  6. England still has, effectively, two-party politics. How many English seats do all the minor parties have between them?
    8 out of 500+.
    Is England no longer in Europe?

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