Err, yes, I suppose so

Robber with ‘Fuck Cops’ face tattoo proves easy to track down


Paul Terry also had devil horns inked on his head…..along with a Nazi SS insignia on one cheek and a lipstick kiss on the other.

Tough ID process that.

5 thoughts on “Err, yes, I suppose so”

  1. This guy is a total loser. NWA did it much better, and have now been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, and must be worth mega squillions.

  2. I really like his idea. Now if only we could get all of the criminals to self label.

    I’d love to see what different groups like politicians, lawyers… would use.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    On the plus side, he is sure to get a cell to himself. Or a lot of sex if he doesn’t.

    Different incentives for different people.

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