Get you money out of Pimco now!

Gordon Brown To Advise Top Investment Firm
The former Prime Minister is joining four other international figures on the advisory board of Pimco, it has been announced.

No other reason is needed.

9 thoughts on “Get you money out of Pimco now!”

  1. Why would anyone pay that Bottling POS money for any reason?

    He couldn’t be a success as a doorman.

    Hell he couldn’t be a success as a doorstop.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Maybe they’re taking him on as a reverse barometer i.e. they stash him in a room somewhere, pay him lots of money, feed him questions on investment strategy and then run headlong, screaming, to a position diametrically opposite to what the monocular Scottish twat recommends.

  3. Most probably it’s been long enough since he left power that he feels can call in the favours from his time in power and jump on the gravy train, in fairness Blair had his snout in the trough as soon as he left (if not before)

  4. They’re sending a message to current politicians that no matter how shit you are, we [the bankers] will look after you [as long as you play our game]

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