Good to see. Retailers doing their bit against sexist rip offs

Leading retailers including John Lewis and Asda have been accused by Labour of being ‘sexist’ for forcing girls to buy sports kit which is marketed for boys.
Research carried out by the Labour Party found that John Lewis has a ‘Children’s Sportswear and Equipment section’, in which they stock ‘Football wear’, ‘Cycling’, ‘Martial Arts’, ‘Rugby wear’ and ‘Cricket’ under the boys section, but none of these categories are available for girls.
Supermarket chain Asda has a ‘Sports and Dancewear’ section for girls, but any girl looking for football boots, football shorts and rugby shorts would have to go to the shop’s Boy’s section.

Excellent news, don’t you think? For as we learnt yesterday, retailers have a habit of charging more for rather the same goods aimed at women, displayed in the womens’ section, than they do for goods aimed at men and displayed in the mens’ section.

This practice of non-segregation thus saves those girls money: fight against the patriarchy!

17 thoughts on “Good to see. Retailers doing their bit against sexist rip offs”

  1. Thank heavens at least the Labour Party concentrates on the major issues of the day that concern us and doesn’t get drawn into minor issues like the EU, immigration, NHS etc

  2. “A spokesman said: “John Lewis … will be changing the categorisation of this page in the new year so that it simply lists each sports activity.””

    Oh, FFS! Don’t give in to them, it only encourages them!

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t get the complaint. The usual one is that people have a Boy’s section. They should be merged. Or is the complaint that they have been merged?

    Idiots like these needs to be ignored. Often.

  4. Serious question, almost on-topic: Are there such things as Lego Technic and Airfix models for girls? I’ve looked, but could find nothing, and wanted to get some such for my six year-old.

  5. “forcing girls to”
    I thought that dragging them by their hair and using whips was *so* last millennium.

  6. SMFS: “I don’t get the complaint.”

    What’s to get? These people (and I use the term loosely) live to complain. Doesn’t really matter about what…

  7. The astronomers may as well give up.

    Not many humans are going to want to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

  8. from JuliaM’s link

    Bosses say girls have more patience for models than boys

    Will the SJW’s
    organise a boycott to protest the overt sexism in that statement ?

  9. I’ll have to pay more attention the next time I’m in a toy section. I don’t recall seeing an aisle specifically labelled girls or boy in a department store. Normally all of the toys containing pink and pastels are separated from the primary colors with the aisle label naming the biggest names like Lego, Barbie… with no obvious “this is a girl’s aisle”. Perhaps this used to be different than it used to be and I just don’t remember. The difference in color schemes says speaks to society. The manufactures just use what has existed for years to make their profits.

    In the sporting goods store I worked in we did separate general use clothing. Specialty items like cleats were with other items for the same sport.

  10. Shadow Culture secetary Michael Dugher said the retailers were “acting in a way that is offensive, sexist and completely out of touch with modern Britain”.

    Which presumably shows up in their profits. Which means that it is at least possible that the people running the stores have found that their conduct has no (adverse) impact, in turn suggesting that they are not as out of touch with modern Britain as Mr Dugher might suggest. Rather astounding arrogance, that a gentleman with essentially no chance of election to government is lecturing ‘skin-in-the-game’ businesses on how to better relate to their customers.
    And by the way, when did it become a governmental (or even Parliamentary) function to worry about customer satisfaction in a private transaction?

  11. The annoying thing about the destruction of ‘Jihadi John’ is I can no longer bring him over for the express purpose of giving him carte Blanche to go into an organisation like the one above ‘Labour Party “research”‘ and tell him – knock yourself out – you can kill as many as you like and video it and you will not suffer any prosecution or be stopped in any way. It really is the only way I can think of communicating a sense of proportion to them- to confront them with the real world in all its horror…

    The story speaks volumes About modern Britain and despite their defeat in Ramadi I see nothing to prevent ISIS or some equivalent rolling us over in short order in an ever decreasing timeline….

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