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Haha, Ahahaha, Ahahahahahaha

The use of plus-sized models in advertising campaigns may be fuelling the obesity epidemic, experts have warned.

And the skinny ones cause anorexia. Are we sure that it’s not capitalism, or candidly, neoliberalism, that causes these things?

22 thoughts on “Haha, Ahahaha, Ahahahahahaha”

  1. Of all the inconsistencies of the doctrines of the New Priesthood, surely this is the second most extreme (number one being Feminism vs. Transsexuals at the moment).

  2. Hah! I’m away with family on holiday in a (UK) resort this week, and I reckon about 10 percent of people (adults) here aren’t obese. And I’m sure that half that 10 percent are overweight by the BMI reckoning thing.

    Of course, this must be someone else’s fault

  3. @IanB, nope I think that number one is SJW and lefties sticking up for anti-homosexual, misogynistic, honour-killing, Allah-bothering Islamists.

  4. It’s not that plus-size models are fuelling it, it’s a general sense being pushed around by the media that you can’t go telling people to “lose some weight, fatso”. Look at the outcry over that card being handed to that woman. I’m not saying that’s my way to approach it, but I am of the mind that being told the truth in a harsh and cruel way is better than not being told the truth at all.

    I’m going to echo something Ian B said about liberty (sort of). I think we may be freer as a society in many ways, but in other, more subtle ways, we aren’t. If a fat woman at work said “My boyfriend left me and he said it was because I was fat”, and I overheard it, even in the spirit of “get real” rather than cruelty, I couldn’t say “well, you are fat and men generally don’t like fatties” because I’m pretty sure I’d suffer bad consequences. The truth would sting and rather than facing the truth, she’d look at the sting and want it to stop and in most companies, the HR people would step in and protect her.

    I got a warning from my doctor to “lose some weight, fatso” and it fucking scared me, frankly. And if you’re committed, it isn’t that hard. Don’t count calories, eat when you’re hungry, but don’t eat shit.

  5. I’m a natural fatty – I have to work my bollocks off to keep it off. I rarely eat breakfast or lunch and don’t have much of an appetite, so it’s not a food consumption problem – and I walk 5km to work every day which is more exercise than most. But still, I work in technology so I sit on my arse the rest of the day looking at a computer screen – and I also drink a shit load of coffee and alcohol to make up for my lack of eating. I’ve managed to get myself down to proper skinny weight (11 stoneish) a few times, with marathon training etc – but as soon as I stop training I Ricky Hatton it.

    I read somewhere that the microbes in your gut could have a lot to do with the efficiency of converting food calories into fatty energy – or some bollocks like that – which would explain why the chubby cunt who sits beside me eating non stop all day is only about a stone heavier than me and hasn’t put any weight on in years.

    Anyway, microbes aside, I am fully aware of the problems that sitting on your arse all day causes, and I know the solution (get off my arse more). It’s not some chubby model’s fault.

  6. The Stigler:

    Look at the outcry over that card being handed to that woman.

    If a card hard been handed to a smoker no-one would have given a shit, though the ‘justification’ would have been identical: costs to society, blah blah.

    It is a strange country we are now living in.

  7. BiM, why do you sit all day? There was a spell when I had back trouble that I set up a small drawing board on top of a filing cabinet and worked away reading and writing on that. You could do the same with a keyboard and screen.

  8. @dearieme – actually I visited an office in Stockholm a few months back and one of the developers there had a tall standing desk (bit like a bar table), with his PC on it for software development – I thought he was mental. But the more I think about it the more I think it could be an idea – it would be a painful adjustment (from my years doing fast food and bar work it was much more painful to stand still for long periods than to walk around the place), but you’d probably get used to it in no time.

    I’d need to get myself a stand up buddy though – or else I’d be the mental person in the office who stands up all day.

  9. We have new desks in the office where you can adjust the height of your desk, from sitting down to standing up, at the press of a button.

    Very cool, and I find myself standing up 75% of the time.

  10. BiM>

    Get a treadmill desk. Walking slowly is even better than standing still.


    Has it occurred to you that what you’re talking about is just basic politeness?

    And yes, it’s wrong that smokers aren’t treated politely by antismokers.

  11. @Dave fair point – a few further adjustments to my workplace and I might even expend the same amount of energy as someone who works in a Sports Direct warehouse (those lucky bastards).

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock – “Eat all you want; it’s the model that makes you fat.”

    Well Kate Upton is a plus-sized model then. In the somewhat limited sense that she has made *parts* of me fat.

  13. @BiM IKEA do sit/stand desks from £165 (hand crank), to £445 (motorised). I absolutely love mine. Google provides several ways of getting IKEA stuff to Malta.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    Dennis the Peasant – “So if I continue to watch ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, Shaq O’Neal and Charles Barkley I’m going to turn into a negro?”

    The diction of many White suburban teens suggest you might.

  15. You’re behind the times… rap and its cultural accoutrements are passing into the realm of the passé with kids.

    I get the feeling music in general is. The idea of defining cultural identity through popular music seems to have been basically a 20th century phenomenon of the Boomers and Gen X.

  16. “Well Kate Upton is a plus-sized model then. In the somewhat limited sense that she has made *parts* of me fat.”


    Although technically Kate Upton is a plus size model – she just happens to be exceptionally pretty and have a great rack, but from the waist down she is chubby..

    cue SMFS for the follow up…

  17. Ian B,

    “I get the feeling music in general is. The idea of defining cultural identity through popular music seems to have been basically a 20th century phenomenon of the Boomers and Gen X.”

    Pretty much. A lot of that is about all the technological, social and innovative changes in instrumentation, recording technology, haircuts, promotion, drugs, social attitudes and fashion from 1955 to around the mid 1990s and that we just haven’t seen anything much added since then. When was the last time you saw an act on TV, or heard an act on the radio or YouTube and you thought something about them, whether in sound, fashion, look or what they expressed was different from something 20 years ago? I remember just how exciting stuff like Being Boiled, Rio, Blue Monday, Goldrush (Yello), Bassline (Mantronix) and Wood Beez were and it was because it didn’t sound like stuff from 20 years ago. If you hear a girl pop singer today, like Katy Perry or Christina Aguilera, it’s really no more advanced than what Janet Jackson was doing in the 80s on Rhythm Nation (the difference from earlier albums there was what someone described as an “insistent beat”, which itself came about because of new drum machine technology).

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