Idiot, idiot, idiot

Research from the Chartered Management Institute has revealed the negative long-term effect for women who take maternity leave, termed the “motherhood penalty”. Based on women in full-time management and professional positions, the problems include a pay gap that widens considerably as the woman gets older. The research also highlighted a softer type of discrimination, with mothers being placed into less demanding or part-time roles.

All this despite anti-discrimination laws, and the introduction in April of shared parental leave that, subject to conditions, offered parents the opportunity of sharing between them up to 50 weeks’ leave (on statutory pay). The hope was that this would lead to a new dawn in childcare gender equality, similar to countries such as Sweden.

The gender pay gap in Sweden is about the same as it is here. And for about the same reason:

Of course family finances would play a large part in these decisions, and perhaps some women wouldn’t want more leave either, for them or their partner. However, there remains this fundamental problem with childcare equality in the workplace – many men just wouldn’t want it because they’re scared it would screw up their careers. You can’t even blame it on machismo – an “I’m not changing bloody nappies” attitude. Instead, this smells of fear, an anxiety that overrides any faith in so-called legal rights or what could be genuine enthusiasm to stay home with their kids. A widespread male conviction that their families would be better off if they stuck rigidly to the traditional career path.

That reason being that it’s just amazing how many people rather like the whole traditional family arrangement.

No, not women only doing the child care, men only doing the paid work. But with that emphasis, that division of the responsibilities.

and among a dimorphic mammalian and viviparous species, who is really surprised at that? There really does come a time when social engineering bumps up against the inherent nature of human beings you know.

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  1. Would be interesting to know if there has been any research on the career effects of people taking sabbaticals for other reasons.

  2. In other words, people make decisions based on their personal subjective preferences and goals, rather than to satisfy activists’ preferences and goals.

  3. Despite the introduction of laws saying that employers can’t stop people doing what I want them to do, the damn ungrateful peons insist on doing what they, themselves, want to do.

    It’s disgusting!

  4. people make decisions based on their personal subjective preferences and goals, rather than to satisfy activists’ preferences and goals.

    But these activists have an ideology, an interpretative key, that gives them privileged access to ordinary people’s real interests and needs. Ergo, social engineering now!

  5. The gender pay gap in my household is about 100% – my wife earns fuck all. In saying that I come home to fully stocked cupboards, wardrobes and have a lovely clean house. My kids are also top of their classes in school, partially because she spends time with them every evening helping them with their homework before I get home.

    I quite like this arrangement, and my wife quite likes it – and the kids seem quite content too. What’s the fuckin’ problem SJWs?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve – “Bloke in Malta – stop oppressing your wife with your rapey cishet hegemony, you shitlord.”

    Oppressing? No way! I keep telling people I am involved in a an alternative life style. Somewhere on the LBTQ spectrum. It is hard to define but it is mainly a bit of a light BDSM life style choice. Like any other BDSM relationship it involves a great deal of trust and communication.

    It is marked by the permanent wearing of a reminder of the chains my Significant Other is supposed to be wearing. Normally it is just down to one ring on a single finger. But, you know, as long as she knows. There is some specific clothing as well. Specifically an apron and a dress mostly. role playing involved too. In that as my sub, my Significant Other is expected to act out her alternative life style by cooking dinner and cleaning the house. That role playing goes even further because it involves adopting a different name to stay in character. My name as it happens.

    There is a whole range of safe words. Alas. But you have to take the ups with the downs.

    Now BDSM is not for everyone. But I think we are entitled to respect for our transgressive life choices.

  7. @SMFS

    Sounds awful! There’s no oppression or gender imbalance! Whatever do you and your life partner talk about?

  8. I have opted out of the prison of convention, refusing to be oppressed into the socially constructed slavery of marriage, by joining the MGTOW movement which I think means Men Getting Tired Of Wanking.

  9. It’s odd that as economists abandon the perfectly rational actor (homo economicus) the SJW crowd resurrect him. Homo sociologicus is no more “real” than the original.

  10. Once again I am staggered at the length of time it is taking to organise either a multi person gallows or extra ordinary rendition to ISIS held territory or North Korea

  11. DC96 raises an interesting point. In my experience, which is limited to seeing it in academia, giving someone a sabbatical usually translates as “bit of a duffer, but we haven’t the heart to get rid of him.”

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