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Lala Lalalala Lala

Well, gotta admit, it’s catchy:

A song released by the Pegida anti-immigrant movement is racing up the charts in Germany despite being widely ridiculed.
The track, entitled Gemeinsam sind wir stark! or Together We Are Strong! is being marketed as an anthem for Pegida, and sold to raise funds for the anti-Muslim movement.
Released just before Christmas, it has quickly risen to number 10 in the music charts on Amazon’s German website.
But the song has been greeted with mockery and abuse for the fact it has no words, and instead features a chorus humming along to the tune.
“Wow, stunning, monumental. Especially the text: ‘Lala Lalalala Lala’, genuine poetry,” one reviewer calling himself Franky wrote on Amazon.
“Super, in time for Christmas, here are all Pegida’s arguments in musical form, collected in a single, glorious anthem that should silence the fiercest critics: ‘Mmmmm mmmmmmmhhh, mmmmmm mmmmmhhhhh!’” wrote Dorian Grey.

Also, perhaps a little less worrying than the songs of old.

Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
SA marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt.
Kam’raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,
Marschier’n im Geist in unser’n Reihen mit.
Kam’raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,
Marschier’n im Geist in unser’n Reihen mit.

19 thoughts on “Lala Lalalala Lala”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Something odd is going on in Germany. This is the man they selected to take part in Eurovision 2016:

    Xavier Kurt Naidoo aka Kobra.

    Xavier Naidoo has blamed the Rothschild family for German’s 20th century history[7][8] and has spoken at a meeting of the Reichsbürgerbewegung, the right-wing movement that seeks to restore Germany’s pre-1918 borders, denies the legal existence of the Federal Republic of Germany and claims Germany is a country occupied by enemy, foreign forces. Naidoo gave similar opinions in a live interview on ARD Morgenmagazin, public service breakfast television. ….. However his lyrics have also featured anti-Semitic slurs[11] and homophobic sentiments. His 2012 song Wo sind implied that homosexuals were paedophiles.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Of course the problem with German music is that it is so often hard to tell the Leftists from the Rightists. Rammstein, for instance, are actually pretty good (I recommend starting with Reise Reise and Moscow).

    Now they are Eastern Germans. They say they are on the Left. I would like to believe them. Really I would. Links 2 3 4 doesn’t look like a call for workers’ solidarity to me.

    At least on the positive side many of their lyrics are not overtly political …. well, something like that:

    Ich hätte Lust mit grossen Tieren
    Hab’ keine Lust es zu riskieren
    Hab’ keine Lust vom Schnee zu gehen
    Hab’ keine Lust zu erfrieren
    Ich bleibe einfach liegen
    Und wieder zähle ich die Fliegen
    Lustlos fasse ich mich an
    Und merke bald ich bin schon lange kalt
    So kalt, mir ist kalt . . .


  3. “movement that seeks to restore Germany’s pre-1918 border”: personally I think that a genuinely reactionary movement would seek to restore Germany’s pre-1630 borders. All of them.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “personally I think that a genuinely reactionary movement would seek to restore Germany’s pre-1630 borders. All of them.”

    A Europe-wide movement to that end would be well worth supporting. Not just Germany. It would mean Scottish independence – although that is rarely framed as the reactionary movement it is. Just ask what they think about crofters. 1630 is a little late though. How about 1610 so the Poles get Moscow?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I think more political movements should release singles. I would buy UKIP’s version of Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Although in my dreams some fat German socialist would celebrate his commitment to European federalism by releasing a cover of I’m the Leader of the Gang

    D’you wanna be in my gang , my gang, my gang,
    D’you wanna be in my gang, Oh Yeah!
    D’you wanna be in my gang , my gang, my gang,
    D’you wanna be in my gang, Oh Yeah!
    I’m the leader, I’m the leader, I’m the leader of the gang I am
    I’m the leader, I’m the leader, I’m the man who put the bang in gang
    I can take you over the hill, ooooh what a thrill
    I can make you sell me your soul for my rock and roll

  6. Dangerous fools with one sensible policy.

    Patriotic European? Check (sure not all of you)
    Against islamification? Check.

    You need more than a name you agree with to want a movement to succeed. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party didn’t have a threatening ring to its name either, and didn’t end up doing any favours for nationalists, socialists, Germans, or workers.

    I guess the lack of lyrics is a comment on the various threats of lawsuits from thin-skinned establishment politicians.

  7. PEGIDA doesn’t want Europe and esp Germany turned into a sharia shithole.

    Are we to assume Tim that you are OK with Islamic takeover? That Portugal and thus yourself and any offspring you might have will somehow be immune from the invasion that is being forced on everybody else?

    At least these people arte trying to stand-up against what is going on and taking shit from every piece of leftist ordure in the world. Trying to compare them with the Horst Wessel Singers–or whatever the hell that doggerel is–is a cheap shot and helps out those who are trying to fuck up everything most of the rest of us hold dear–Western values–most esp freedom.

  8. OK, so the song is a bit childish, but is it anywhere near as childish as holding onto the belief that mass Muslim immigration will be absorbed successfully into German society and everything will carry on, just as before?

  9. SMFS,

    UKIP got into a spot of bother for playing White Christmas during the Oldham by-election.

    And I presume you mean Merry Christmas Everybody rather than Everyone. I can imagine Farage giving it the full Noddy, but can’t see him going anywhere near that Shakin’ Stevens abomination.

  10. My wife has a very old copy of the book the current Agatha Christie xmas special is based on, she doesn’t keep it on a bookcase in the living room with the rest of her collection of old books.
    While the title is now completely removed the original reference to 10 little x’s in the book seems to have further mutated from the original replacement Indians to a new replacement of soldiers.
    Mind you they don’t seem to mind have one character blame the Jews for everything, repeatedly calling an Irish character a fennian, constantly alluding to hysterical womanly nature and adding a lesbian subtext to one of the characters backstories that I’m sure isn’t in the original.

  11. …the N-word was excised but the F-word was introduced in the interests of balance.

    Bliss is it in this dawn to be alive!

  12. The BBC show was shite.

    Spoilers ahead–if you can spoil what is already in that state.

    The bastards just can’t stop pushing their leftist bollocks no matter what the show is about.

    First of all it was noticeable that none of the Terrible Ten had gone black or brown. In shows where coloured actors appear in ever more ludicrously unlikely historical contexts–the new effort about Beowulf seems to have a black male and an Asian woman in it–strangely none of the nasty characters in this were ethnic. Oh the merc had a weak Irish accent.

    Seven were nasty middle/upper class types–but of course the old non-leftist middle/upper class type:

    The guests were:

    A snobbish young snot who snapped out orders to the 2 servants. He had run over two kids and could hardly remember their names, Callous or not however , there was no suggestion that he had swerved to hit the kids and thus was not actually a murderer anyway.

    An abrasive merc who openly admitted 20 killings in Africa–not white killings you can be sure. His “honesty” about his crimes was the writers way or lining him up as the nearest thing to a sympathetic character. He was called a Fenian only once in the show. He had also brought a pistol with him–although he lost it by being dumb enough to leave it in a draw in his room. The mock shock and horror portrayed by several of the other characters in response to his firearms ownership was more BBC PC anachronism. Carrying a gun would have been quite common in the 30s. I think it might have been Enid Blyton who attended a country house weekend and discovered during dinner conversation that of seven guests she was the only one not armed.

    A girl who may or may not have connived at the drowning of a child in her care–was also presented as the least snobbish and unpleasant of the group.

    A General who had shot his best friend in the back of the neck having found letters from his wife ( the Generals wife that is) in the fellows pocket. The General and his pal were in a WW1 dug out at the time of the killing and it was not made clear how the Gen would have explained shooting his pal in the back of the head before the battle had actually started. Esp when he could have just sent him on a suicide mission.

    A snobbish old bag–who made one ref to someone being a Jew. She was of course religious and thus a patronising hypocrite who threw her pregnant maid out into the gutter so that said maid hanged herself. There was a slight suggestion that a lesbo sub-text was involved–odd for the BBC leftists–except of course it shows that lesbianism is only OK if done by righteous middle-class leftists and is still a BAD THING if done by unreconstructed members of the middle-class. Also–while throwing the girl out was callous–it was not murder and thus the old bat was not a murderer.

    Nor was the weak and feeble wife of the nasty working class butler. She was number 2 to get it but had merely been weak enough to go along when her brutal, wife-beating husband had smothered an old lady she was working for. So the working class female is shown as a victim of male evil and a pathetic weakling obviously in need of middle-class leftist instruction in the proper way to exploit her victimhood.

    Her hubby the butler was a nasty piece of working class male brutality–his position as a willing servant of the snobbish non-left middle/upper classes being almost as reprehensible as his being a murderer.

    The other working class type was an obnoxious copper who had beaten a man to death in the cells one dark night. Guess which leftist client group his victim was a member of. “EE WARZE AHH PAHN-SEA” gravels out the offending bluebottle.

    A semi-hysterical doctor was also there. Someone had died on his table but it was not clear whether this was due to drink or overconfidence. He got more frazzled as the show went on. Also snobbish and rude to the lower orders.

    A Judge–now supposedly clear of cancer–but actually not. He was quite polite but also snobbish with it–expecting the obviously lower class copper to carry his bag–altho he said thank you. He appeared to be a victim–but this was fake and he was the malefactor.

    Most of the characters were snobbish and unpleasant to a high degree. Several scenes were ludicrous. In one they all strip down to their underwear as part of a mass search. Looking for weapons supposedly –in a large house where any of them could have hidden anything and gone back for it later. In reality this was so the merc–Pol, Dark and Handsome– could ponce about in a towel for the sake of swooning female viewers and BBC ratings.

    It turned out the Judge did it. He was elderly and still suffering with cancer. To actually do the killings he would have had to fight with at least 3 younger and (in the case of the General and the Doctor) bigger men and beat to death, axe-chop and throw off a cliff said men. Esp when at least two of the three had already proved to have killer instinct.

    The merc would have been an even bigger problem had he not contrived to get himself shot by the girl. In the time-honoured” advance-on-a gun-weilder-saying-“give-me-the-gun” routine. Amazing how the Judge planned that one.

    Then the girl runs back to the house–seeing a vision of the drowned little boy –and gets on a stool to hang herself. Enter the not-dead Judge. The stool falls on its side for no obvious non-dramatic reason and the girl balances precariously on it ( altho her hands were free and she could have got the noose off at any time) begging the Judgeboy to help her. She confesses to deliberately sending the little lad to his death. It seems Judgy decided that he was as evil as the people he enjoyed sentencing to death. After the girls death–he kicks the chair away after his speech–he goes back to his room and blows his brains out with the last bullet. Hoping that he will be remembered by posterity as having died in a bizarre Fortean-type happening–sort of like the Dyatlov Pass Incident without the snow.

    It was miserable, depressing, nihilistic shite larded with rotten characters and rotten leftist propaganda. Never read Christie’s original–but it has to be better than this crippled cracker.

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