Now that’s clever

Several other species, including deer, have been known to acquire gender fluid characteristics. In some species of deer, the male will not develop antlers so that it can surreptitiously breed with females while the males are fighting for dominance.

8 thoughts on “Now that’s clever”

  1. Quite well known, several fish species do it and some fish can change sex, so if there is an excess of males, they swap to females.

    Changes the structure of their brains which is interesting.

  2. Qualitatively, these animals might fit in with one or two of the LGBTQWERTY categories. But quantitatively, there are far fewer such animals than the 1-4% (depending on metric used) we see in the human world.

    Claiming that we’re all just animals doesn’t come close to explaining the numbers. Then again, journalists and numbers rarely mix; activists and numbers even less so.

  3. This is evolution. The animals aren’t switching back and forth from looking like one sex to the other. They’ve developed a gene that gives them some similarities to the other sex and it’s a sexual advantage.

  4. Actually humans do much the same thing. It’s often said that girls mature quicker than boys, but strictly biologically they don’t. Boys just look immature to fool the adult males.

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