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Oi! Redacto! They need you at the office!

The Times appears to be suffering something of a glitch with its subediting today:

Two credit score scores businesses warn of UK ‘Brexit’ danger

What is going to an rate of interest hike imply?

Although actually, it looks like someone has hijacked the moniker “The Times” as it appears in Google News.

Hmm, a bit of closer examination and what is happening is as follows. Something called the “Star Daily Standard Times” is peering behind the Times paywall then reprinting their copy. With different and very bad headlines upon it. And as a result (because the Times copy is behind said paywall) they’re getting prominent positions in Google News. Can see four of their pieces on the UK business page this morning.

Naughty naughty, something that’s vaguely profitable until Google catches up with you.

1 thought on “Oi! Redacto! They need you at the office!”

  1. By the way, The Sunday Times today has a feature on corporate tax avoidance, and it makes no mention of a certain retired accountant in Downham Market. Perhaps he’s had his 15 minutes of fame…

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