Scum sucking tax leech

Given the stunning success of the Fair Tax Mark:

There the TAXE committee made its recommendations to the EU Commission on measures to improve corporate tax transparency, coordination and EU-wide policy convergence in legislative recommendations. Amongst the suggestions made were requests that the Commission:

table a proposal for country-by-country reporting on profit, tax and subsidies by June 2016
table a proposal for introducing a “Fair Tax Payer” label,

Yup, given that three companies have it voluntarily it should now be a tax supported near obligation.

One can only hope that they set up and entirely different, non-paying to Murphaloon, organisation to do it.

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  1. One can only hope that they set up and entirely different, non-paying to Murphaloon, organisation to do it.

    It would be even more delicious if the EU made positive noises about mandating the LHTD’s own rent scheme in May 2016, and then in June 2016 the referendum returns a ‘Leave’ result.

  2. If the FTM really did start gaining ground, it wouldn’t be that difficult a market for competition to break into.

    My own FTP (Fair Tax Payer) certificate would come with the endorsement that for 10 years I was an HMIT tax inspector.

    And the FTP Certificate follows the tax system in that it is Self-Assessed and only consists of 1 question:

    1) Are you paying a fair amount of tax?

    Anyone answering ‘yes’ gets the certificate but I could investigate anyone to see if the answer is true. I could.

    Only £50 a pop.

  3. “given that three companies have it voluntarily”
    Candidly, shouldn’t that read nearly 25,000 companies to avoid neo-liberal sophistry?

  4. Ritchie believes that ISIS can be defeated if we implement his ideas on tax.

    “I have in my hand a piece of paper…Mr Hitler has been granted the Fair Tax Mark and we will have peace in our time”

  5. I’d like to see someone simply copy the Fair Tax Mark and undercut the cost and the process to achieve it by at least 50%.

    After all, the fat fvcker is always stealing other people’s IP and justifying this eg by copying newspaper articles “I reproduce this in full here because it is in the public interest”.

  6. I’m sorely tempted to give my Fair Share Star a go. Apart from anything else it actually looks at fairness rather than disclosure 🙂

  7. You would assume that something called a Fair Tax Mark would as part of transparency include the full tax incidence of a company including those amounts collected on behalf of the gov’t such as PAYE and the employers payroll taxes so that we can properly assess that a company paying most of its profits to its employees is still contributing to the tax base.
    Personally I can’t be bothered to read his conditions for it, but given his overlooking this in his rants I’d be surprised if it was in there.

  8. It fits right in with he EU.

    The vehicle used to award The Fair Tax Mark would fail to gain it.

    Friendly Society as a vehicle for tax avoidance? Discuss…

  9. I’m getting very confused by Murphy’s comments about the FTM’s “true and fair” over-ride.

    He says they have actually applied an over-ride (which presumably means there is at least one company which has applied for the mark and been denied it), but he says that it’s not an unpublished part of the official test.

    Now given that it’s not been published, that can only mean it’s not an official part of the test. But the whole point of the FTM is that it’s objective and transparent. If you have an unpublished subjective test in there, it’s neither. Something just doesn’t stack up.

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