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She’s not a very good model, is she?

Model Laura Carter, 30, shows off the stunning form that attracted Justin Bieber as she indulges in workout… amid her claims they had a threesome
Laura Carter has told how she had a threesome with Justin Bieber at hotel
Model was partying with friends at nightclub when the star invited her over
Blacked-out car whisked her to hotel and she had to leave phone in bucket
Bieber, 21, led Miss Carter, 30, to his bed for threesome at the private party

Because she cannot actually pose in the park without it being damn obvious that she is posing.

13 thoughts on “She’s not a very good model, is she?”

  1. She’s the best Justin Bieber can do? Yeah sure, I would, but if I was 21 and as famous as Bieber I’d either be nailing 20 year olds or I’d have Maria Sharapova on speed-dial.

  2. “. . . I’d either be nailing 20 year olds or I’d have Maria Sharapova on speed-dial.

    While I wouldn’t turn down a 20 year old, they’re not exactly what I’d be chasing after if I had the ability to just point and have a woman come running. A good-looking 30 year old has 10 year more experience and a larger repertoire.

  3. If she was a marketable model or actress, she wouldn’t be doing sordid kiss-‘n’-tell stuff. She will, though, now get some offers from the porn industry.

  4. What’s the point of being a multi-millionaire popstar if that’s* what you end up in the sack with? Surely Beebs should handing the likes of her off to low-ranking members of the entourage?

    *Yes, yes, I wouldn’t turn her down etc but that’s not my point.

  5. She is marginal at best.

    In the live-action segment at the end of the article she comes over as brainless and she lists tattoo’s as her first criteria for attractiveness in a man. That should end well for her.

    The advert at the start of the video suggests that you can “whip up tasty treats to share with your family and friends” which I take to be the universe having a laugh.

  6. “Woman boasts about sleeping with man”

    There’s something rather dog-bites-man about this article. Don’t these things usually run the other way around?

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