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Industry experts said they were only aware of one other cross-border airport – in the European Union between Basel, Switzerland, and France’s Upper Rhine region.

Switzerland has been in the EU since when?

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  1. I think it’s the airport for Basel in CH, Freiburg in D and Mulhouse in F. So it is kinda cross-border in the EU – between F and D.

  2. Geneva airport actually has two exits: one on the French side, one on the Swiss side. So if you fly e.g. Spain to Geneva and exit on the French side, you don’t go through either Swiss or French passport control at all.

  3. Basel-Mulhouse airport is about 4km into France. There used to be a fenced off road corridor to the Swiss border the last time I was there, but that was 36 years ago.

  4. The article is wrong but not for the reason Tim gives. Eurosport to which they refer is 100% in the EU (France). It has a Swiss exit and, as has been said, a road into Switzerland. Basel is probably the destination of most of its passengers rather than the smaller French and German towns nearby. Geneva is a better example. The terminal is 100% in Switzerland. But there is a French exit and the limits of the airport are directly on the border. Neither are really properly cross border in the way that US-Mexico one is.

  5. Switzerland is in the EU, just not a member. Well, unless they’re no longer completely surrounded, but I think that would have been the bigger news here.

  6. @ Dave
    Prepositions again. Switzerland is not in the EU – it is *nearly* surrounded by the EU. One part of its borders adjoin another non-EU state, the Grand Duchy of Liechtenstein.
    If Switzerland *was* completely surrounded by the EU, that would be the bigger news. Even Hitler’s anschluss left Liechtenstein alone.
    If you have a ring doughnut the hole is not in the doughnut, topologically.

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