So Corbyn’s going to break up the BBC then, Hurrah!

The Labour party is developing policies to break up the UK’s largest media companies, according to leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In an interview in Monday’s Morning Star, Corbyn said the party also wanted to promote co-operative ownership models for the media.

“We are developing a media policy which would be about breaking up single ownership of too many sources of information, so that we have a multiplicity of sources,” he said.

“And actually promoting co-operative ownership and access, including local TV and radio stations and newspapers like the Morning Star.”

That is what he means, isn’t it? Breaking up the hulking leviathan at the centre of our media world?

23 thoughts on “So Corbyn’s going to break up the BBC then, Hurrah!”

  1. Yes lets leave it all to private enterprise and Murdoch.(And Timmy complains the private media don’t pay him but BBC does.) Weird? Not in Right Wing World where, if you believe in a certain amount of private enterprise, you have to subscribe to the whole ticket of anti environmentalism, anti feminism anti Civil Rights and blind enmity to the British state and British society.

  2. @ DBC Reed

    Please translate into English. There may be an argument lurking in there but I’m damned if I can spot it through the noise

  3. @ Bloke in Oxford
    I think DBC Reed is saying that in a pure free enterprise world you would still have media oligopolies (and potentially an monopoly) and hence not much would really be gained from breaking up the BBC.

    The second part is about that whilst this might be a weird position to take, it is part and parcel of holding certain right wing views.

    In other words, if you have right wing politics, it means that you must not believe in climate change, feminist philosophy and the like.

    But then again, perhaps my translation is not correct.

  4. There has been consolidation in the media world because of greater competition from the internet. If Jeremy Corbyn breaks up media companies into smaller companies, then this will simply result in the smaller companies going to the wall. Or being purchased by bigger media companies.

    What next? That small media outfits should receive a government subsidy to prevent them going out of business or being purchased by Australian or Russian oligarchs?

    I wonder what odds I will get on whether or not Jeremy is still leader by Christmas 2016.

  5. “I think the best part was that Jezza was being interviewed by the Morning Star.”

    Yarp. Funny thing is this doesn’t even raise any eyebrows nowadays. What regime funds the Morning Star these days anyway?

    Corbyn is genuinely rather dim. Thick as a brick.

    I’ve never really had any strong feelings either way about Rupert Murdoch but I love how anything he does, anything – sitting, breathing, eating a sandwich – drives the commies puce with rage.

  6. I loathe the BBC and their brand of bullshit – haven’t owned a TV or a licence in years.

    “Yes lets leave it all to private enterprise and Murdoch.”

    What? People exercising choice? Can’t have that. Must have propaganda machine paid for by anyone with a telly regardless of their choices. Cos that’s freedom.

    I find it rich to complain about Murdoch when the last couple of years has seen an organised conspiracy to kneecap him – the phone hacking scandal.

    Anyone read about the charges for the Mirror journalists caught red handed? No? Cos it didn’t happen. CPS couldn’t be bothered to get off their arses cos it wasn’t Murdoch.

    DBC Reed you suck. Balls. Big hairy statist balls. Now fuck off.

    BTW I clearly don’t have SKY or read any News Int publications.

  7. Dan,

    Murdoch is simply a bogeyman to defend the BBC’s anachronistic model. “If you don’t have the BBC, you’ll get Murdoch” and by inference, only the cherry-picked part of “Murdoch” which means The Sun. Never mind that Sky Arts seems to show more opera than the BBC does.

    But it’s just bollocks. Honestly, with the exception of Only Connect, I can’t think of much I’ve seen on the BBC that I can recommend this year. I tried a few dramas and they were just clunking.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    @Dan: yeah, dim is about right. Dim and clueless. Unless he genuinely doesn’t care whether Labour wins an election, his continuing series of tone-deaf utterances make for bizarre reading. That one about living in Bolivia, for example. The average thicko Labourite who can’t find Bolivia on a map is going to be non-plussed, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together is going to regard that as deeply weird. Why pick a shitty, impoverished, Third World country and, oh my god, is that what he wants Britain to look like?

    And Reed: leaving the dissemination of news to private enterprise is problematic, is it? Yes, media owners might have an axe to grind, but they are there to provide a service to their readers (as has been pointed out here before). When the Gramscian civil service/union blob gets in the media business, it’s called propaganda.

  9. @DBC Reed

    Start your own newspaper or website. Fill it with stirring stories of hearty working-class socialists battling evil capitalists.

    After all, it’s only a evil capitalist media conspiracy that prevents a true socialist paradise so there must be demand for the truth you keep speaking. You could make a fortune. Pay huge amounts of tax on it and give away most of the rest to worthy socialist causes.

    Can’t think why someone hasn’t already done it.

    Unless most socialists are just whiny complaining sofa-sitters?

  10. Under Corbyn, the British Broadcasting Cooperative would probably be run by a workers’ board of trade union representatives from the NUJ etc. Much of the content broadcast would not be dissimilar to what we have currently, but censorship of anything non-PC, of Royal occasions, etc, would be crude and obvious.

  11. ‘He said: “I think the media’s attitude towards the Labour party and our campaign has been horrendous.'”

    Yep, as John Price says, the real reason has nothing at all to do with ‘plurality’ or whatever meaningless term they’ve latched onto this week. It is about banning the opposition and any hin else you don’t like.

  12. The BBC’ s representatives are so lost in their licence fee world they are making an awful hash of the charter renal negotiations. Faced with a government that is determined to drive down the cost to the licence fee payers it accepts real cuts to broadcasting output, all to preserve the ‘free-to-air funding model’. If they smelt their coffee they would be suggesting subscription sports channels and drama channels and perhaps even online demand TV for its newest swankiest shows.

  13. Julia: We want Corbyn to keep bringing up all these ideas. After he loses the next election to a blow up doll of Margaret Thatcher, everything he’s ever proposed will be tainted by association. The more socialist nonsense he ruins, the better.

  14. Ironman: the charter renal negotiations

    I do so like the idea of the BBC on financial dialysis.

    Does anyone listen to the World Service? William Hague should be strapped to a rock like Prometheus and made to listen to its pap every day.

    It used to be authoritative and decipherable even on shortwave throughout the world but now it’s The World’s Radio Station with a plethora of rainbow accents from people who gabble and can’t read a script and who pursue the BBC progressive view.

    This would be the first machine to unplug from the wall.

  15. Meissen Bison

    Autocorrect is the Devil’s tool!

    I’m personally clear enough that I think the BBC has a place. Indeed I think it should be a big, powerful international player, just not on this funding model. I just think the BBC itself isn’t clear any more what it is for, which is a bit of a problem.

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