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So, my dear readers, time to open your wallets

It’s several years since we ran a little support Timmy for the wonderful blog he writes campaign. And Crimble is coming so now you can in fact buy Timmy a present!

You can do so simply by donating to this IndieGoGo campaign, this one.

No doubt we’ll be fully funded by nightfall, right?

29 thoughts on “So, my dear readers, time to open your wallets”

  1. I put in a bit extra so you can have that unsightly growth under your nose surgically removed. Your insights and quirky lessons in economics are gratefully received at Lohse Towers. Please keep blogging.

  2. Bit tight at the moment with Christmas and some unpleasantness with HMRC, but hope my small contribution at least buys you a pint.

  3. How are you proposing to fund the mandatory updates, nagscreens, and enforced changes to T&C after product launch?

    The hallmark of a useless app, surely, is that you don’t use it but it uses tons of your bandwidth/battery life/attention with said updates at least every 3 weeks for the rest of forever?

  4. I would rather contribute to a fund which pays you to shave off that moustache. Please Tim what century are you living in!

  5. So far, 12 discrete commentators and only 6 donors. Make do with one bottle of champers less this Interval – tightwads.

  6. Superb moustache. Absolutely superb.

    You look like should be in RAF uniform, wishing the chaps good luck as they go off to bomb Jerry and telling them how you’d love to join them, but your gammy leg gets in the damned way.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My card won’t work for this, sadly (international charges are a bag of nails). But a notional pint or several is on me.

  8. Apart from donating a small amount I’m also willing to
    contribute some time translating the app into Swedish if the need

  9. theoldgreenfascist: I’ll give you 10p Tim if you’ll tell me where you live.

    I’ll pay your estate for the urn when your time comes*

    *offer valid until 1st January 2016

  10. I have always thought that you should have some sort of ‘tip jar’ functionality here, so I’ve put in $20 on the basis that this is the nearest equivalent.

  11. Have activated that. Wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t take it and found out that it wants the exact name (Timothy) on the account, not my usual name (Tim). So, that’s done.

  12. French here.
    Can’t help feeling this might be one of those ‘meta’ experiments (like Milgram) where *we* are the test subjects…

  13. I’ve just recycled some of my hard earned dollars/pounds your way. Like the electrons I don’t expect to see them again. A small price to pay for the amusement and enlightenment I get from this blog.

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