I tried for so long, I just really wanted to be taken seriously as a musician for my intelligence more than my body ever in this business.

Guess who?

No, really, guess.

Go on.




Lady Gaga.

20 thoughts on “Srsly?”

  1. The woman is plain ugly –even with all the make-up etc–the photo with the article shows that–and apart from the brass neck of shoving herself forward has zero musical talent likewise.

    If the music industry is a “boys club” as she opines why have they enabled her antics–which have made her rich–instead of giving her the boot.

  2. She actually is a good musician. Which people might have realized more if she hadn’t been so determined to achieve fame by aping Madonna. (I notice Bjork is in there as well, but everyone knows Bjork is talented, partly because she’s not always taking her clothes off for the cameras.)

  3. People know that Björk is talented because her music is unique and, often, incredibly good. And she’s been producing it since she was a child. YMMV.

    Gaga’s music is standard chart stuff. She writes and composes and does production stuff, which sets her apart from most (but not from whichever fat male Scandinavians wrote and produced ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’) and is why she gets to be a the star despite being entirely ordinary in the looks dept.

  4. The artist she most reminds me of is Boney M: Pokerface is very derivative of Ma Baker.

    She doesn’t ape Madonna so much as try to out-Madonna, Madonna. Dresses made up of ham, extreme outfits, overt sexuality, and stage managed appearances – all speak to her desire to be judged on other criteria than her music.

    She’s of her time – someone who wants to have her cake and to eat it too.

  5. Bjork is one of the most interesting musicians of the last 30 years. Has anyone else jumped between styles so much and so successfully? Ok, sometimes it doesn’t work but a new Bjork album is always exciting just to hear where she’s gone now.

    (For my money, Vespertine is her finest work. The way she coos “He’s still inside me!” on Cocoon sends shivers down my spine)

    Lady Gaga? Good, occasionally great, quality pop music but not particularly original.

  6. “The artist she most reminds me of is Boney M: Pokerface is very derivative of Ma Baker.”

    I’d be amazed if it hadn’t been sampled. I imagine that Frank Farian recieves a few Deutschmarks every time it gets radio play, given how aggressive and business-oriented he can be.

    However, Boney M were just a vehicle for Farian, and didn’t write or produce their own stuff. Bobby Farrell didn’t even sing on the records (it was Farian). At least Lady Gaga performs largely her own work.

  7. For one delicious and tingly moment, I thought the quote had been made by Lawrence/Arnald.

    Then, unfortunately, I read Lady Gaga and the bubble burst.

  8. For one delicious and tingly moment, I thought the quote had been made by Lawrence/Arnald.

    Same here.

    It just occurs to me… Has anyone ever seen Arnald and Lady Gaga in the same room at the same time?

  9. But who cares about her body? The Daily Mash covered this

    From what I can tell from documentaries, her fan base is mostly gay men.

    And sorry, but the music industry doesn’t care about producing hot women for men to look at, because straight men don’t buy much stuff by hot women. OK, maybe Shirley Manson helped sell a few more Garbage albums, but it’s mostly the music.

  10. The Stigler said:
    “straight men don’t buy much stuff by hot women”

    Debbie Harry? OK, it was a long time ago now. And perhaps you’re right, we mostly bought the posters.

  11. Richard,

    But Blondie is more about the music. It doesn’t hurt to have a hot singer, but PJ Harvey doesn’t seem to suffer for it.

  12. >He said claims that Fox kissed a colleague on the shoulder did not amount to sexual assault

    On the shoulder? HTF did this monster get away with this for so long?

    Do we need more Mulim refos in order to get some more femo lejo passed?

  13. The Stigler is right. When I first encountered Blondie I asked my adoptive nephews “Is Blondie a girl or a group?” The answer was “good question”!

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