The Telegraph’s new scandal

Apparently some nursing locum agencies charge different customers different amounts of money.

The horror in a free market economy, eh?

5 thoughts on “The Telegraph’s new scandal”

  1. But it’s not a free market, is it? One enormous customer, the NHS, corrupt and inefficient in equal measure, has by it’s own actions, of charging low-paid workers to spend 3 years training to degree level and a debt they’ll never pay off, driven many likely candidates away, creating a staff shortage which has to be plugged by any possible means. When one considers that many locum agencies are run by ex-NHS personnel with impeccable contacts with the NHS one must consider the possibility of cronyism and rigged markets.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The new Telegraph is just the Guardian-lite.

    This is what happens when it gets taken over by metropolitan elites.

  3. To be fair, the Telegraph has always been a Tory newspaper, and since the Tories are now Guardian-lite (not sure about the “lite” actually) it’s being consistent.

  4. The Telegraph has been undiluted shit ever since the Barclay Brothers bought it and fired all the quality journo’s.

    What a pair of cunts.

  5. The NHS some years ago had the clever idea that nurses register on a nurse bank that calls people in like an internal agency, this meant lower pay for the staff working extra shifts and issues with some roles that required specialised knowledge/experience (e.g. Intensive care) not receiving a premium. So the staff just registered with agencies instead of the nurse bank as the agencies paid them higher rates including premiums for certain roles where you need specific experience and knowledge. So the NHS ends up paying people at higher rates plus an agency cut, which is an obvious outcome to such a stupid policy. Many of the agencies were set up by doctors and nurses, but the demand was created by NHS policies.

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