The truth is out there

Four politicians have been found guilty of deliberately creating problems in Germany.
The four men, who have not been named under German privacy laws, wanted to show off their political skills in order to gain votes.
The small town of Ahrensburg in northern Germany saw more than 100 spurious problems in the space of just a few weeks in a 2013 electoral campaign that initially left police mystified.
Manufactured problems about refugees, sexism, the patriarchy, income and wealth inequality were presented then solutions offered that caused an estimated €1 million (£730,000) of damage.
Local residents were stunned when four members of the town’s own council were arrested over the lies.
A court heard how the four men aged between 20 and 22 deliberately started the controversies so they could play the role of heroes by presenting political plans solving them.
The leader of the group was impaled, the others will be executed later.

The truth of the political system revealed at last. No, really, this is how it works.

4 thoughts on “The truth is out there”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    In that case the fireman was also found to have started the fires so he could put them out and play the role of hero.

    The unnamed 39-year-old told the court he felt humiliated by his wife and was seeking solace from an unhappy domestic life.

    Yeah. Show business for ugly people. Or compensation for a miserable private life.

    The leader of the group was impaled, the others will be executed later.

    If only. However controversies over refujihadis is not a made up issue.

  2. Michael Dig her did not have the integrity or enough genuine political conviction to refuse to serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. And it looks like it has done him no good at all and he will be sacked anyway.
    You see Michael, if you look closely enough you can find REAL problems, covering a subject about which you care deeply: yourself.

  3. Firemen as arsonists are by no means unusual in the service. They join for the excitement only to find it’s actually a pretty boring job.

  4. You mean those leaflets with the candidate pointing at a pot hole saying “we reported this to the council, and they fixed it”? All lies? Oh noes! How are candidates now going to find ways of demonstrating they can get things done for their community?

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