The Yorkshire Post’s Extraordinarily Informative Headline

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Umm, yeah.

Hint to subeditors. You fill that bit in and take out the placeholder before hitting “publish”.

And it’s been up for 19 hours now too……

15 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Post’s Extraordinarily Informative Headline”

  1. Yup, been there, done that. At least the designer didn’t write “Some boring crap from hell about Pudsey in here please”

  2. Actually, great grandfather was the head printer on that paper. Given the way Yorkshire works that might be enough for them to read this blog.

  3. Well they won’t bothering you Theo. They are probably just counting themselves lucky if they have forelocks left to touch when you pass by.

  4. Don’t worry Steve–Theo has their measure. He was Cruft’s Champion Chimp-Breeder 3 years running.

    Mind you he’s got the hips for it.

  5. They should have an SOP defining their placeholders. ## usually suffices, some lorem ipsum if you’re at the point of worrying about layout.

  6. Christ, I thought there were some knowledgeable peope here. Don’t you morons recognize a pretend garbled secet code MI5 headline when you see one?

  7. I once published a report (hard copy – 20 years ago) that included [bollocks!] after one paragraph of particularly insightful argument. Very few people noticed, which was both a relief and rather depressing too.

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