These hard left socialists brutalised by the appalling poverty of their early life

In the last week James has attacked “comfortable elite liberals” and promised Momentum will pose a “fundamental challenge to the old and corrupt ruling elite”.
However, like many on the hard Left, he had a highly privileged upbringing, attending the Dragon School, Oxford, one of the top prep schools in England, then Winchester College, also the alma mater of Seumas Milne – Mr Corbyn’s press spokesman,
He transferred in the sixth form to St Paul’s in west London and went up to Trinity College, Oxford, to read theology. He was president of the university Liberal Democrat Society but left the party after its reversal of a pledge to scrap student tuition fees.
During the holidays James went home to a five-storey Victorian house in Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill, across from the hill, in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods and now valued at around £7 million. The family also had a house in Glen Tanar, on Royal Deeside, a few miles from the Queen’s residence at Balmoral.
A keen and well-connected cricketer, James is vice-captain of the Gaieties Cricket Club, famous for its association with the playwright Harold Pinter, its captain or chairman for 40 years.

All paid for on the back of a fraud apparently.

6 thoughts on “These hard left socialists brutalised by the appalling poverty of their early life”

  1. His dad was chief executive of a listed company. I’m sure he could afford the school fees without resorting to fraud. Perhaps not the entire lifestyle though.

    Anyway, it’s an ad hominem argument. That’s tantamount to admitting your opponent is right.

  2. >Andrew M

    James attacked comfortable elite liberals which is also an ad hominem. He’s also part of a movement that rails about Corporations and the untouchability of the 1%. It’s not ad hominem to point out the hypocrisy

  3. I’ve no objections to members of the oppressors working to relieve the lives of the oppressed, as long as they acknowledge that they are a member of the oppressors and benefiteed from being so.

  4. Socialism in all its forms is a hate/death cult. As such it attracts evil people. Evil is distributed with true multiculti sensibility across all types, classes, races and creeds. Satan , so to speak,is an equal opportunity employer–and a socialist where it suits him. Just like them all. And very like the subject of the blog. An evil turd from a rich background.

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