This is just fascinating on Google News

I’ve remarked on this before but it’s really strong today. Someone has worked out how to spoof good traffic to their website from Google News.

What they’re doing is scraping the content off the Times website. Which is behind a paywall and thus doesn’t normally appear in Google News. They then publish it on a site which mimics the Times (Google lists it as being from “The Times”).

But the actual URL changes. Last time I saw it it was the standardtimes or something like that. Today it’s

And this process has them as 7 of the 19 stories listed on Google News UK this morning.

This doesn’t make a fortune, it has to be said, but assuming that it’s all automated it will produce a decent income. Wouldn’t surprise at all that they get 100k page views from that today. £500 in income, maybe more?

4 thoughts on “This is just fascinating on Google News”

  1. Well, it shows what the value of “The Times” would be without IPR law.

    On the order of £500 per day.

  2. No, that’s what the producer would get – the value is clearly much higher. The trouble is, having all your value extracted as consumer surplus means the producer doesn’t get enough to cover the costs of producing. So the producing stops. Viz newspapers in the UK are becoming little more than clickbaiting content farms.

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