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The Market Turmoil Will Come From The Federal Reserve Not Announcing A Rise In Interest Rates

Hold Off On Lloyds Until The Retail Offer Of Shares

EU To Investigate McDonald’s Back Taxes: Ignore It

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  1. They know that the system will be hard-pressed to cope with any rate rise. The scum of the Western states will also be pressed to make the interest payments on their massive debts. They won’t increase beyond a tiny token amount if that.

    There is going to be big economic trouble Tim. Austrian economics has the truth of it. Lying leftist scum claiming that there will be trouble are also correct but utterly wrong in their bullshit analysis. They still represent great danger tho’ as Mr & Mrs AFC are dumb enough to put credence in what might appear to be a correct conclusion however fucked the so-called reasoning behind it. Given the contemporary cult of kissing the state’s arse that permeates this society like an evil miasma that is a considerable danger. Allowing expert liars to colonise all the institutions of society was suicide on a stick. Who knew huh?

    Letting shite like Corbyn pull his coup was also a mistake. The anti-left should have paid their £3 and voted to continue Bliar-Lite ZaNu. They were destroying their own brand very effectively and in a crisis would not represent the danger that organised groups of Corbynista-shite do.

  2. Re: basic income. £130 a week. Yes, I could just scrape by on that fi I got rid of all the expenses incured by being available for and attempting to track down paid work.

    But, as you say, that’s exactly the point. It is meant to be basic stay-alive income. If you desire anything more than merely staying alive you have the choice to seek additional income, with the excusiatliny essential part that it is additional income, not the insane nonsense we have at the moment where if I only get offered one day’s work I end up worse off if I take it due to pound-for-pound withdrawl plus the expenses of actually going to work, and worse off if I refuse it, due to “refusing work” penalties.

  3. Would the universal income also means a simplified tax system as it would replace allowances so that any additional income would be taxable?
    Could have an interesting impact on stay at home rates as some people might find that the second persons job isn’t worth it after child care expenses are paid or that you can scrape by on 2 universal incomes plus one person having a job until school age or later.

  4. Can’t be arsed to access the articles, but are you doing share tipping/market timing now? Shouldn’t we all just use index funds?

  5. It will be interesting to see how the Finns go with basic income, I like the idea and it’s got to be better than what most social systems do.

  6. Re the Finns’ potential new experiment:

    I’ve said this before, so apologies if it’s repetitive.

    I know that there are potential contributors, ie benefit claimants who understand that economically it will be better to work under the new regime (instead of as at current, where the marginal tax rates can be too high).

    And I love the simplification arguments…

    But my instincts tell me that the net effect will be a tax drain. Ie those that would never dream of claiming anything from the state (a majority?), who will realise that they are being given something for nothing, and who will therefore contribute (economically) less than they did before.. and who will easily outnumber the current claimants who work more…

    This has nothing to do with economics, just psychology..

    However, we may well have a dry run… It’ll be simple arithmetic – we may learn something..:)

  7. Not quite. That’s what the site wants, so pieces have to be dressed that way (hey, each one makes $50! Woo Hoo!). But I generally do my usual shtick. Here’s an interesting little bit of economics, the meaning of that is……

    Osborne announces more Lloyds sales. That means there’s an overhang of stock until the retail offer. No stock will be sold at below original purchase price. Stock will be dribbled out as long as its above it. Thus there’s a cap and a floor on the price that won’t disappear until that retail offer.

    Or one that they may or may not publish: Indian temple decides to join gold monetisation scheme (take the gold out of the cellar of the temple, put it in bank, get bond paying interest instead). Not important with just one temple. But if it really catches on then there’s 20k tonnes of gold lying around India and the scheme will bring that back into being part of the global market.

    Or the McD tax investigation: I just pointed out that they’re talking about, even if they’re found to be wrong, a few tens of millions, not something that would affect a company of that size.

    So, not quite share tipping. Stories about the economics of the markets, maybe. And thus the slight tension with my writing there, they want tips and that ain’t really what I do. I have actually been a stockbroker and I was shit at it.

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