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In which I am revealed as a dredging truther.

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  1. So Mon bit and the gang have decided the wisdom of centuries is plain wrong; dredging actually causes flooding. And the government is at the mercy of those super rich farmers ( no, really) who are showing their evil by preventing the countryside being rewilded.
    So now we know, the way to stop.flooding is to.allow the rivers to silt up. Who’d have thought?

  2. Only a cynic could wonder how many bureaucrats are perfectly happy with a spot of flooding if it leads to more True Believers in CAGW.

    2000, eh? Blairismo, then?

  3. But this has to be a crazy British gold-plated interpretation of the rules? Given that the Dutch, also in the EU, have the most ridiculously artificial water situation anywhere in the world? Are you seriously telling me they aren’t allowed to artificially drain the vast amount of the country that’s poldered below sea level? To embank-out the sea? Are the Germans banned from keeping the Rhine and Danube navigable?

  4. BIG – TW is plain wrong. Dredging continues throughout Europe, including the UK.

    The real question is whether dredging rivers is an effective method of preventing floods. Again, TW has it wrong. Even if dredging increased river flow by 50% (which would be a remarkable achievement) this would still be a relatively small amount compared to the actual of flooding generally experienced in the UK.

    There are better solutions, such as upstream storage. But the best answer is simply to acknowledge that flood plains exist for a reason – the clue is in the name – and to manage flooding rather than try to prevent it.

    Blaming the EU is an excuse, not an answer.

  5. Judging by the difficulty getting the EA to dredge any river in Essex, I doubt there is much dredging going on. A fifty percent increase in flow capacity as compared to a long undredged watercourse is very easy to attain, the more so if the arisings are put to use raising the embankments. This has after all worked effectively for centuries.
    Whether the lack of dredging is really caused by EU rules, or by the interpretation put on them by the EA is another matter- I suspect the latter.

  6. @ Churm Rincewind
    Dimensional Error. Flooding is caused by the excess of water flow over flow capacity, not over static volume.
    Nowhere is the flooding per minute far greater than 50% of river flow per minute. Total flooding over 24 hours is greater than the content of the river at any given second but not than the amount flowing through in 24 hours.

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