Turn thrice widdershins and then shout Hail Zuckerberg

Matt Ridley in the Times picks up on a little point:

Here my sympathies lie entirely with the blogger Tim Worstall, who wrote recently: “Someone is offering to give away one of the few things we know about that absolutely increases economic growth. And people are whining about it? Quite frankly, if Facebook was insisting that people must strip naked, spin thrice widdershins and then shout ‘Hail Zuckerberg’ before using internet.org I’d regard that as a small price to pay for the economic benefits that are going to flow from its use.”

6 thoughts on “Turn thrice widdershins and then shout Hail Zuckerberg”

  1. It would be fun if Matt Ridley, who clearly reads this blog and therefore can be expected to read Murphy’s as well, turned out to be the person who comments on that blog as Roger Mellie.

  2. BF

    Why would Matt Ridley want to do that? Surely he would be better off posting his “truths” under his own name.

    I can understand why people on this blog want to be childish, but someone with a big, regular column in a quite well read paper wouldn’t do much for his reputation. Even though he’s a prize twat.

  3. “Even though he’s a prize twat.”

    Sez the king of all twats.

    Not losing too much sleep down there in Gurn-Sea about all the millions murdered by socialism eh Arnie?

    If only you could have been one of them. But with Corbog on hand it could still happen so everything to hope for.

  4. No sign, yet, of IanB claiming that billionaire philanthropists are undesirable because…wibble…progressive…wibble…puritan…wibble…

  5. Theo–don’t be kidding yourself that Zuckers is some kind of hero. The arsehole couldn’t wait to hand over everybody’s info to the CIA scum. In return for favours in their gift–no doubt of that. You can bet some of your investments rthat old Zucky will have no trouble with the IRS–so long as he does what he is told snoop-wise.

    Your “exchange” with IanB was a textbook example of how even billionaires with leftist leanings are preferable to sanctimonious BluLab supporters desperate to hang onto their investments. Even tho you are fated to lose the lot when it turns out that socialism practised by so-called Tories leads to economic failure and ruin just as surely as that practiced by ZaNu.

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