Two birds in a club spot Eric Clapton

Ask for a photo.

Hand the camera to Eric and pose with his friend……

14 thoughts on “Two birds in a club spot Eric Clapton”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Some time ago something similar to this actually happened to me. You know, it is not absurd. The number of obscure figures from the 70s that are still around is enormous. How many glam rockers would you recognise now without their clobber on? How many Cabinet Ministers?

    I don’t think that shames the girls. Clapton was never that great to begin with – especially among younger women. He was famous a long time ago. He hasn’t been doing much since. How many of us would recognise him in the street?

    How many members of Slade, or AC-DC or even Black Sabbath, would you recognise if you bumped into them in the street?

  2. Dennis, I bumped, quite literally, into John Lydon once a long time ago when he still easily recognisable. He stepped out of a cafe in Wadour Street directly in front of me. He then turned to the chaps he was with and said in perfect middle class English “I’ll see you back at the studio, yah?”

    You know that bit in Tom and Jerry when Tom grows donkey ears when he realises he’s been had?

  3. Funny these different airs and graces ‘slebs put on. Kind-of mirroring RiJ’s experience above, Sue Holderness (Marlene off Only Fools and Horses) was staying at the same hotel as me in Mombasa several years ago.

    Marlene – proper London gal. Sue – terribly RADA dahling while being interviewed and ‘being herself’… Except when sorting some grub out at a buffet at the hotel she suddenly cried out “tha’ don’t look like no chikkin, do it?’, to her kids. Turns out Sue is a proper London gal, really.

    Really, really lovely lady though.

  4. Clapton used to be great but recently is shite.

    I have met his one time backing guitarist Albert Lee who can play Clapton and just about anyone else around totally off the stage and who is a thoroughly nice guy in person.

  5. I’ve been in the lift with Les Dawson, handed a ticket to Richard O’Brien, been on the same plane as Bob Carolgees, and saw William Roache cross the road in front of me. In all cases I didn’t know who they were until the person I was with pointed them out to me. My memory of faces is usually very good, but TV distorts them soo much.

  6. Its a funny prank if you dont really respect the sleb. I first heard it done to Wendel Sailor by some Enlgland fans in a pub toilet. Ultimate I guess is to do it to the queen, obama or the dalai lama

  7. Once when I was up in London (about 25 years ago) I remember seeing a woman and thinking “that looks a bit like Cilla Black’s gran would look like”.

    Then I realised in was Cilla Black.

    Guess she had a good make-up artist.

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