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Why her!?!

The bitterness runs deep:

Why has Lin Homer become Dame Lin?

Why not Lord Murphmonster instead?

25 thoughts on “Why her!?!”

  1. Running HMRC, however badly, seems to get an automatic honour. Demanding £500bn+ a year with menaces should warrant a prison sentence, not a damehood!

  2. I see our wonderful unbiased beeb is not leading on its web page with who won which honours.

    Instead, it’s leading with labour party criticism of who won which honours.

    Ho hum.

  3. Lin Homer? Well, for once Murph has a point.

    Her greatest achievement was on You and Yours.

    In a piece about the absurdly long waiting times to receive any sort of response from HMRC, Homer (well, they got that bit right) Proudly announced that the average telephone waiting time as of December 2015 was 5 minutes.

    One of the biggest barefaced lies I have ever heard. The presenters knew she was lying. The listeners knew she was lying. And she knew they and we knew she was lying.

    So, in the weird public service way of life, she comes Dame Lying Little Shit of Bale.

  4. Wow. Just wow.

    I’ve just looked at her career path as summarised in the DT.

    Really, how does this work? She’s been a catastrophic failure at everything she’s done, has been mendacious and pernicious and yet she still commands a huge salary and senior public positions.


  5. Lin Homer is a worthless, crawling, grovelling, deceitful POS and is both a useless waster and a waste of oxygen and space at the same time.

    However Murph is probably one of the few around who is even less deserving of a gong.

  6. Given the revelations about Danczuk this morning, you can’t say he’s out of touch with his constituents. It’s always good to see an MP getting into the spirit of his local community.

  7. Shouldn’t that be Dame Homer? Or Dame Vera Lin?

    As to Danczuk, it sort of supports my view that those who kick up the biggest moral stinks are those who are struggling with their own urges. Perhaps Ironman would like to comment.

  8. Will his disciples – the Corbynistas, the TUC, the Uncut movement etc. – be so willing to unquestioningly parrot stuff produced by someone with an elitist title?

    I know burning bridges is a Murphy specialty, but is he that tone deaf to his fan base?

  9. My theory about Lin Homer’s honours is that some important people in politics and the civil service believe she knows where the bodies are buried and they want to keep her on side.

  10. Yes IanB, Ironman does have a comment. My inner thoughts will remain my inner thoughts; your unnatural desires are out here for all to see. They are dressed up with feigned disinterest ( back to your dictionary) but they are your real desires aren’t they.


  11. IanB

    it sort of supports my view that those who kick up the biggest moral stinks are those who are struggling with their own urges.

    But that’s just pop-Freudianism, isn’t it? You find homosexual intercourse disgusting, but here’s a photograph of you with your arm around a man, ergo you are a latent homosexualist.

    I don’t have much time for Danczuk — too populist for my taste — but somehow I don’t think he’s a latent paedophile. He’s just a stressed separated bloke who wants some leg-over. As the old joke goes, women need a reason to have sex, while men just need a place.

  12. Oh Ironman, you’re so predictable.


    Some pop-psychology is valid. Humans have been considering the motivations of others for thousands of years, long before it became a profession. As you can see above, Ironman is doing that to me. Of course, him being a fuckwit he gets everything wrong, but then I come back to my own point that those who make the loudest noise are often those trying to suppress their own urges, perhaps believing if they can rid the world of temptation, they will not give in to their own desires.

    Talking of which, Ironman does get very loud asserting his own purity of spirit, does he not?

    So here we have a teenage girl with rather spectacular baps. According to Ironman, and Danczuk until this morning, having a normal appreciative reaction to them is indicative of paedophilia. Danczuk’s now been outed.

    *waves at Ironman*

    Me, I wouldn’t touch her, even via Twitter, with somebody else’s bargepole. But then I’m comfortable with human sexuality and can thus navigate it comfortably. I have nothing to hide, you see.

    I wonder how desperately Mr Rusty struggles with his inner demons. I bet his priest’s heard a fruity confession or two.

  13. By the way Ironman, you being a good christian, don’t forget that sins you commit in your mind are just as bad as sins you commit with your flesh.

    Happy New Year!

  14. @Ironman
    Maybe you could get your own dictionary out, and look up the difference between “disinterest” and “interest (lack of)”.
    They are completely different concepts: one would hope, for example, that a judge would listen to a case with both interest and disinterest.

  15. What makes the story such a good laugh is not that Danczuk’s a dirty old man but that he’s a stupid dirty old man.

  16. One would think that politicians would know by now not to be silly on social media. There just isn’t any private arena there.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    You know, when I say pretty much every institution run by women is a disaster I get flamed until I am toasty brown.

    I am sure this Dame is the exception, right? All the other women in the civil service are doing excellent, out standing even, jobs. How is that Shoesmith woman doing by the way?

  18. “What makes the story such a good laugh is not that Danczuk’s a dirty old man but that he’s a stupid dirty old man.”

    The taunting of Ironman on here is even funnier…

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