Why sodding iPads?

Prisoners should be given iPads at taxpayer’s expense so that they can video chat their families from their prison cells, an adviser to the Ministry of Justice has said.

Why not $10 landfill Android?

Rather more importantly someone seems to have forgotten something here. Which is that to use Skype you need access to the internet. Which isn’t allowed in prisons.


26 thoughts on “Why sodding iPads?”

  1. “strict controls would be needed to prevent further criminality.”

    Lol. We all know the answer to that.

    If they need to improve literacy and numeracy, what about…books? The advantage being, books have no distracting apps or ability to access the internet.

  2. Might be a similar reason to that strange thing in movies and TV where every time somebody uses a laptop, it’s got the Apple logo beaming from the lid right into the camera.

  3. Simple. Channelling St Milton, it’s not their money so why should they give a shit about spending megabucks on something unsuitable?

  4. “Rob: You appear to be suffering form “phobiaphobia”. I think you need help.”

    It’s only a phobia if it’s irrational /pendant

  5. They chose iPads because if they order 50,000 of them, given it’s the State we’re talking about, 20% of them will go missing…

    Anyway, I’m sure to can use Skype without the internet. You can buy a curly cable to connect your iPad to a black Bakelite thing with a dial on it that plugs into the wall.


  6. iPads are the solution to everything. All schoolchildren should have iPads, then they will be as educated and motivated as children in the Far East.

    All MPs and their staff should have iPads.

    Prisoners should have iPads.

    If we gave every IS member an iPad, they would become docile, hip and friendly and stop hacking people’s heads off.

    iPads, iPads, iPads.

  7. You could give them access to video-calling only but not the wider internet. However, someone would probably figure out to use such a connection to deliver web access.

  8. Actually video conferencing of this sort would be helpful. Obviously not ipads and not sure that it should be something to which they should have 24hr access.

    Criminals grow up in their late 20s and stop being criminals and this process is helped by familial contact. Loss of support is associated with increased recidivism.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    ken – “Criminals grow up in their late 20s and stop being criminals and this process is helped by familial contact. Loss of support is associated with increased recidivism.”

    Then we should execute them. Execution has a proven preventive effect for recidivism.

    This is just the usual bleeding hearts caring more about them than us. They should not have an electronic device.

  10. They already have supervised visiting so having fixed PCs in a supervised room for video shouldn’t be an issue and allow for the contact and support Ken refers to, no need to give them alone time with personal devices

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke not in Cymru – “no need to give them alone time with personal devices”

    I have come around to the idea that some support women in the military because of those famous rapes in Japan. They need to find a way to allow soldiers to have sex or at least work towards the possibility of having sex.

    So perhaps this is not about families at all. Perhaps they are just hoping if they can watch Slutty Japanese School Girls XII in their own cells, they won’t gang rape the nice public school boy done for insider trading?

  12. Or maybe just use an ordinary bog standard computer. Y’know, like one of those in the IT Learning Suite wot they’ve been provided with to learn marketable post-crim IT skills.

  13. Learning suite computers to allow them to integrate back that one of them (in his 30s) used to chat/flirt with the 15 year old daughter of a friend of mine after meeting her in a chat room including trying to setup a meeting when he was due to be relased in a few months.
    As the Government seem all for supervised restricted internet access for the entire population maybe they could deal with the prison population first.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    ken – “Death penalty for everything? Seriously?”

    I don’t see how it would make Britain a worse place. But perhaps for the third felony conviction. Like the Americans used to – hence the term a three time loser.

    What precisely do the rest of us gain from prison rape and all the other contributions of recidivists?

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