Yep, Jessica Valenti sure is dumb

Why are top women politicians still peppered with gender-specific slurs?
Jessica Valenti

Because gender is one of the things used to construct and create slurs and insults. As are height, lack of it, dick size, tits, baldness, looks, beliefs, background, race, sexuality, intelligence and absolutely any other human attribute. You short arse, dickless and pancake titted, hirsutely ugly liberally stupid middle class American cissexist idiot you.

9 thoughts on “Yep, Jessica Valenti sure is dumb”

  1. Funny, I don’t remember Jessica pitching a fit when Sarah Palin was getting The Treatment.

    Then again, Jessica’s hubby works for professional Democratic Party astroturfer Josh Marshall…

  2. Or as Chris Rock puts it, “I have to be politically correct and mad?” “If a guy with one leg crashes his car in to mine, I’m gonna talk about the leg”

  3. So the old trick of adding to a word to make it a worse offence, the handy thing about grading ‘slurs’ of course is that you can call people sexists/racists or whatever without directly saying so, very passive/aggressive

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever made a comment on a Valenti piece which wasn’t removed by the moderators. Any sort of criticism, even well articulated valid opinions with no malice in them, is deleted, eventually.

    I think the moderators know she is one of their more sensitive colleagues – because few people who comment on her stories are positive about the content.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    She doesn’t care about gender-specific insults. She wants to shame people into silence so that they cannot attack her preferred candidate.

    It has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with battle space preparation. Rather than deal with the fact that Hilary is an amoral, congenitally dishonest, incompetent, mentally fading, alcohol-guzzling careerist scuzball, Valenti would rather try to intimidate everyone who would point that out into silence.

  6. I wonder if they actually articulate the comment policy on Valenti’s articles at the Graun. It’s clear that they delete the more critical comments and pick out the handful of supportive ones to highlight. But did they ever agree that this is what they’d do at some sort of meeting?

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