And which language is this in?

No peeking now:

“That funny moment when your walking into the servo and a unidentifiable car shows up, they broke into oportos, while they were in there I stole the keys to the car. Waited for them to run out. The passenger jumped into the car so I punched the **** out of the junkie and they ran off. I chased them but because I’m fat they got away haha.”

Stubbies and singlets party? That sort of gives it away really.

11 thoughts on “And which language is this in?”

  1. Uthat is as comprehensible around here as Received Pronunciation.

    What’s your point – are you racist Tim?

    FYI Karl Stefanovic is a twat. Weapons Grade

  2. From youtube/reddit:
    Stubbies = In this context rugby shorts also worn a lot by tradies (craftsmen). Also can refer to beers more commonly.
    Plugger = Foot falcons = Thongs = Flip Flops
    Servo = Petrol (gas) Station
    Oporto = Fast Food Chicken Restaurant. A poor man’s Nandos .
    Blow out = Ripping a strap out of a thong like this . Usually happens when Barry steps on your thong as you’re winding up for a stride.
    Moot =Vag
    Danga = dingleberry = shit nugget that (usually) gets stuck to your ass hair.
    Moot Danga -= well I’ll let you add it together. This one is a deep deep cut, I’ve never heard it in the wild.

  3. Servo: another example of the annoying habit of Australians reducing every noun to a single syllable with a vowel on the end. You even see it in adverts. It’s like being in a country of mongs.

  4. Made perfect sense to me! Then again, as far as I’m aware we’re the only country in the world that has shortened McDonalds to Maccas in the popular lexicon. To the extent that some stores have bought Maccas signs and the company uses it in their Australian advertising.

  5. “Cheers DMS – best bloody country in the world”

    “Best bloody country” is hugely preferable to British or American equivalents.

  6. Philip Scott Thomas

    Dear Lord, that interview video is brilliant. It’s up there with the Aggers and Johnners “Leg-Over” clip – impossible not to laugh with them.

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