Another musical great gone

Lou Reed, David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Paul Kantner, Lemmy. The list just goes on: Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan dies aged 77 after a short battle with cancer, his family confirms

15 thoughts on “Another musical great gone”

  1. I couldn’t stand nylon-haired, brown polyester suit-wearing fuddy-duddy Terry Wogan when I was younger.

    But as I matured into the incredibly wise and thoughtful gentleman I am today, I realised Sir Terry was, in fact, a national treasure. His soothing Anglo-Irish cadence and wry avuncular wit made him the perfect companion on a frosty morning drive along the M6.

    The BBC must now place Ken Bruce in a cryogenic suspension chamber to preserve good DJing for future generations.

    Farewell, Terry. And thanks.

  2. Steve,

    To be fair to you, I think he improved, too. You wouldn’t have had Janet and John on 80s Wogan radio. Most of what he did was pretty safe and dull (when his chat show was late evening, that was good). As he got older, he was more prepared to be outspoken about things, he let his dry wit come through more.

    I was gutted when his show ended. I lasted about 12 months with that witless cunt Chris Evans doing the morning show with his inane drivel, before I had to switch to local commercial radio.

  3. Steve +1.

    He was also one of the few who would shine a light on left wing batshit craziness at the BBC with a simple “Is it me?”

  4. Sad that he has gone. He made my commute to Canary Wharf bearable for 2 years in the mid noughties. He even read out a joke I sent in under a pseudonym. I will never forget the rush of blood to the head I experienced when it happened as I entered the traffic of the M25 one cold morning at 7.50am. His Janet and John stories brought tears to my eyes. Sadly missed.

  5. Intractable Potsherd

    I used to love “Breakfast with Wogan” – I’d listen to it, often in the car, which was not always safe. I was often in tears of laughter when Terry, Pauly, and Deadly had their rambles, but never more so than when they were discussing Chinese restaurants one morning. I don’t remember how it started, but the main bit involved looking on the menu and seeing “Wan King Prawn”.

    “How do you get it to do that, then?”

    All three of them collapsed into giggles on air, and I had to pull the car over until I could breathe again …

  6. Steve nails it again.

    I most admired in Wogan his insistence to put the interviewee at the heart of the interview rather than himself.

    I remember once, the radio was on, i wasn’t listening (bored with the media’s self obsession these past many years), interviewer said “and what about your loved ones?”, I thought good question, then realised it was Wogan asking.

    Sadly missed, Mr Wogan, so long and thanks for or the fish (as we say these days).

  7. I don’t listen to radio much but I always enjoyed his banter with Jimmy Young ( a life-time ago now) and his gentle piss-take on the Eurovision Song Contest. In the days before they went into the piss-take business for themselves.

    RIP Tel.

  8. Why does everybody have a “battle” with cancer.
    I’m looking for an obituary describing someone who decided to just give in to the inevitable.

    Plenty do.

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