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Claiming refugee status means that your claim for refugee status will be considered. Not that it will be granted:

Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose application for asylum has been rejected, Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said on Wednesday.
“We are talking about 60,000 people but the number could climb to 80,000,” the minister was quoted as saying by Swedish media, adding that the government had asked the police and authorities in charge of migrants to organise their expulsion.

There’s going to be an awful lot of pissed off people.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There will be plenty of lawyers and other low life scum who will ensure each and every one gets their day in Court. And by “day”, I mean the full range of appeals. All on the tax payers’ dime.

    Based on other countries’ experience, I would say it will take a full decade and not much change out of a million pounds to deport each and every rapefugee.

    Anyone think Sweden can spare eighty billion quid? The government will think it is cheaper for them to let the rapes happen. They don’t pay the costs after all.

  2. Remember many thousands more will be arriving each year. I think the announcement is window dressing to reassure the natives.

    A government cannot genuinely go from tearfully voting en masse to abolish borders to mass deportations in the space of a few years. That would imply they are more insane than even I gave them credit for.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The Stigler – “What, all those young single men without wives and children aren’t actually refugees?”

    Actually they probably are. There are billions of people who can plausibly claim to be refugees. Literally billions.

    Thanks to CNN now they know it.

  4. 80,000’s at least four divisions. About what’d be needed to invade a small country. Maybe an indication on what’s been going on & what might be needed to expel them.

  5. Where are they going to deport them to? They can’t seem to distinguish between children and adults, so establishing nationality is going to be a pickle.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    How are they going to keep Ahmad on the farm now he has seen Gay Stockholm?

    He will just get on the next boat and claim to be a homosexual from some other sh!thole. There is no shortage of people from Orcistans who want to go to Sweden and all deportation will do is teach them what lies to say.

  7. @JuliaM, right, and the usual larks about whether it’s safe there, wherever they decide that to be.

    Maybe Greece should charge the EU rent for running more refugee camps?

  8. “the government had asked the police and authorities in charge of migrants to organise their expulsion.” That’s essentially a declaration of war. The invaders will win.

  9. “Country says it will do something about the problem (that it created), country derided for doing nothing about the problem(that it created)”

    Fixed your post for you.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    “80,000’s at least four divisions. About what’d be needed to invade a small country. Maybe an indication on what’s been going on & what might be needed to expel them.”

    Indeed, BAOR at its peak was never more that 100k and most of the time less than 80k.

  11. Jim

    What an odd remark. It’s still saying it’s going to do something about the problem, and with due process.

    “Country says it will do something about the problem, country derided for doing nothing about the problem.”

    Fixed your post for you.

  12. Arnald – a more accurate way of describing the thread would be:

    Country says it will do something about the problem, extreme scepticism expressed about said country’s ability and will to do something.

  13. I can’t understand why the Swedes have not commandeered a town in the north surrounded by forest and reindeer in summer and snow and darkness in summer to house all its refugees, to test both their adaptation to Swedish conditions and determination to stay despite the hostile conditions, while authorities can establish their identities in a thorough manner and establish their claims. It would also be a good place to leave released criminals of the same ethnic/cultural background. The number of unassimilables should decline.

  14. There’s another problem too: suppose you are a less-than-legitimate refugee, and you hear that you are likely to be deported. What do you do? You run away, and find somewhere to hide. Sweden is a big country, and there are lots of cottages only ever used in the summer.

    Won’t it be fun for all Swedish 2nd home owners when they arrive there in June?

  15. The best method is don’t let them in in the first place. And then change the law so out they go double-quick.

    And despite the shite from Gurn-sea’s favourite sewage outflow, the same political gang promising to do something about a problem that only exists because of their own antics inspires far less than zero confidence,.

    The first step to solving this mess is to de-throne the political shite who have created it. Followed up very quickly by a mass roust of leftist ideas. That is to say the scum who hold and peddle said leftist ideas. Sack them without compensation and confiscate their pension. Empty all leftists from Unis, schools and all state institutions and end the leftist control of media by shutting the BBC and ending state control over who can and can’t broadcast. And the mass sacking of the senior civil service.

  16. Tell you what Arnald, I’ll arrange for 3 violent ex criminals to be billeted in your house. Then I’ll say I’ll arrange for 1 to be removed (I may actually never do this). That OK with you? After all, my decision to put them there in the first place is irrelevant, right?

  17. “and ending state control over who can and can’t broadcast”

    By ending the social participation of all “Leftists”?

    Such is how the Endlösung was created, Ecks..

  18. “Endlösung”

    But the Ecks is a white supremacist.

    Yes, Jim, whatever you want. All asylum seekers are violent criminals, gotcha.

  19. “Such is how the Endlösung was created, Ecks..”

    Indeed, and it all started off with a bunch of lefty’s pushing things too far. It is inevitable that there will be a right wing backlash and the longer the lefty’s push their own ideology in opposition to the wider population, the more draconian that backlash will be.

  20. Kicking the left out of discourse is not the same as endlosung – but it does remind me of how the Greeks got into their mess. Greek civil war post WWII ends with the right in charge, Left exiled and interned – shut out of public life. 1981 Papandreou comes to power – and slots in his people who have been excluded for years. Crony patronage system kicks into overdrive and lots of unqualified people promoted. The Greek civil service today is a shambles thanks to the repression of the period up to 1981 and the backlash.

    Who now remembers that in the the 50s and 60s people talked of the Greek miracle?

    It might seem a good idea to exclude people from public life in the short run, but it ends in disaster. Whether it is done by the left or the right – and yes, the left has used its cultural control to quash dissent on migration by labeling it “racist” to talk about it. But to demand a silencing of the other side is a mistake in turn.

  21. Arnald, it’s obvuiously true that not all (or even most) asylum seekers are violent criminals, or terrorists.

    It’s equally true that some are.

    Can you tell us how to spot the non terrorists from the terrorists?

  22. Grithkath: The end of state control of broadcasting means anyone can broadcast–including shite-loads of leftists.

    What that means is that they will be only a few voices out of many instead of the leftist dominated package of lies that today comes at us from all media. Whatever you watch, the same middle-class leftists are delivering the same cliché crap. With the state gone there will be far greater choice.

    Let the left put there shit in the marketplace and see who buys thro choice.

  23. Ken: ” But to demand a silencing of the other side is a mistake in turn.”

    I’m not suggesting the scum of the left be silenced.

    I’m suggesting we no longer pay them to clone themselves–and indeed produce even more virulent strains–out of the public purse.

    All the Marxist “professors” booted out of unis will have to pay for and find their own acolytes in future–instead of having the taxpayer do so. They are still free to sling their shite–but with their own cash or voluntary contribs from whatever mugs they can persuade.

  24. @Arnald: I never said they were. I was just trying to bring home to you the principle – someone does something that impacts you negatively, they then promise to (but probably won’t) reduce that negative impact a small amount, and you applaud them.

    If you want a truer analogy it would be I arrange for 20 people to move into the house next door to yours. None of them speak your language fluently, or have any idea of how you live your life. Maybe one or two are former professional people, most are uneducated, even in their own language. 10 of them are OK people. 2 are violent criminals, the other 8 are low level duckers and divers, not averse to stealing your belongings. At least 10 of them have extremely unreconstructed views about the role of women in society, and probably 1 of those is capable of sexual assault or rape. At least 4 or 5 will leer and make lewd comments at your wife and teenage daughter as they come and go.

    I then promise to remove 2 of them, at random, and there is no guarantee I will keep my promise (the past suggests otherwise).


  25. @agn
    Won’t it be fun for all Swedish 2nd home owners when they arrive there in June?

    Who remembers “The lakes and the forests, we have pleny, but not the migrants” (i changed it a little). ?

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