He’s my ex-partner’s son by another man. What is the word for that?

16 thoughts on “Bastard?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The son of a cuckold.

    It is not just collective suicide we are being encouraged to engage in. People keep encouraging men to waste their time and resources on other people’s children. This is a genetic dead end. No one should be so limited in their options and so desperate for sex they will put up with this.

    What about my lesbian friend Alex, whose two children remain in close contact with the ex-partner of the gay friend whose sperm helped bring them into the world?

    Child abuse.

  2. TMB – zackly right.

    Tim Newmam – his wife left him 20 years ago and he’s trying to persuade himself her kids by another man are his “family”. Sad.

  3. This Guardian article is not only risible but also sinister, because it promotes the idea that alternative family structures are acceptable lifestyle choices when it is well known that the best way to rear children is in the traditional family of two parents of different sexes in a stable, lifelong relationship.

  4. Theo – Nonsense.

    What could possibly go wrong with kids being brought up in new, exciting, progressive family structures like what Bill Sikes had?

  5. Well, Steve, you have stumped me there, so quite voluntarily I acknowledge my WrongThought and I will submit to the re-education booth.

  6. “I think of the whole stew of us as family, though I wouldn’t even know how to start drawing the tree. But how would I introduce its members to strangers?”

    ‘As living examples of my absolute failure as a man’ would be my answer.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I don’t get all the vitriol. I love my half-brothers and half-sister. I don’t think of them as “half” anything. My nephews and nieces love their stepsister and their half-brother. That hardly represents a failure on anyone’s part—quite the opposite I would have thought. Genetically my father, with 26 direct descendants (and another on the way), could be counted as fairly successful. There have been divorces and deaths and remarriages and so-forth, and a full depiction of the family tree looks a bit complicated, but if you’re doing kinship coefficient calculations every time you think about family members then there is probably something deeply and irremediably wrong with you.

    Honestly, no wonder some people think we’re all a bunch of autistic knob-ends.

  8. BiCR: but that’s not the relationship being discussed. I have good relationships with my half-brtother and half-sister, because they are my half-brother and half-sister. My father had parental responsibilities and I and my brothers spent time with hime and his wife being the recipient of his parental responsibility along with his parental responsibiity to his younger children.

    But the relationship being described if “my ex-wife’s children with her new husband”. From my point of view that would be from my mother’s point of view “my ex-husband’s children with his new wife”. What’s the relationship there? None. Regardless of how well you get on with them or with the ex-spouse. Other than “my ex-spouse’s children”.

    I can imagine some parent’s ex-spouses becoming titled Auntie-X or Uncle-X, but there you’re talking about a socialogical relationship, an honoury title to a non-related older person, and requires an actualy socialogical relationship to be in place, just as the old lady who lived next door to my grandparents was Auntie Edna even though she wasn’t a relative.

  9. Holy shit. Now I’m wondering how much ‘family’ by ex-girlfriends I’ve got. I’m sure my wife will be delighted.

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