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Confirmed, Hitler only had one ball

Donald Trump is thus only one ball away from being Hitler.

As is Hillary Clinton.

(Source, Scott Adams).

And as far as I can work it out it’s going to be one of those two. Aren’t we all in for a lovely time?

28 thoughts on “Confirmed, Hitler only had one ball”

  1. It’s going to be Trump, unless the Republicans succeed in scraping the last bits of dirt out of its own gravehole by fixing it for Jeb!, who has spent $32m to find out he’s less popular than Myra Hindley.

    It could have been Sanders for the Democrats if he wasn’t such a mangina. If he’d gone after Hillary he could have killed her campaign by now, there’s enough skeletons in her cupboard to fill a Daft Punk video. His message of “free goodies for everybody!” resonates with the Yank version of JezWeCanners.

    The Donald will beat Hillary because he’s got a yuuuge personality and she’s like Lady Macbeth after a charismaectomy. Contrary to what the Guardian is fondly hoping, American women are not a mindless bloc vote who automatically pull behind the candidate with a vag. Many of them – especially married ones – hate Hillary in that intense way only the scarier sex can.

    Trump is the ultimate “fuck you!” candidate to the political establishment, and they have it coming. We could do with some of that here.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am going to be disappointed if the Republicans don’t pick Trump. I expect he will lose to Hilary.

    But it hardly matters. Trump is basically a Democrat anyway. Marginally more competent perhaps. Certainly less fond of the gin. Perhaps more fond of the ladies. Perhaps not.

  3. The two of them could serve as the Two Testicles that Adolf needed for a transplant. They missed him by a few short decades. Ah!- the impolitick cruelty of dislocation in time.

    That said Trump is likely the lesser of two evils as shown by his at least seeming to recognise the danger posed by our honoured guests. Unless it is all a scam.

  4. Little off topic but Xi Jingping, because of his backward authoritarianism, is now being called on Reddit ‘xitler’ (pronounced shit-ler’ for those who don’t know how Pinyin works).

  5. SJW – Yarp, he’s the establishment’s Jeb! 2.0, so the logic is that the grandees will be able to shoehorn him in after Bush Tres accepts the inevitable.

    I don’t like going against bookies, but I don’t think the Repubs will be able to push Rubio over the line. Not this year. He’s in a distant third place, doesn’t have any momentum, and core Republican voters are mad as hell at their party’s craven capitulation over the recent budget.

    By contrast, Trump’s poll numbers keep climbing and the odds shortening.

    I expect some sort of Trump-Cruz tag team, they appeal to similar constituencies and Cruz is young enough to be satisfied with the vice presidency for now. And when Carson drops out, most of his supporters will back them – on present numbers Trump/Cruz/Carson account for more than 60% of Republican voting intentions.

    Wouldn’t bet the house on it, but maybe a sneaky £20.

  6. I expect he will lose to Hilary. But it hardly matters. Trump is basically a Democrat anyway. Marginally more competent perhaps.

    Agreed, SMFS.

  7. I think Rubio will get it. At the moment, this is mostly theatre on the Republican side. You ask people months away from having to make a choice what they think, they’ll tell you anything. No-one’s telling you how many people are telling pollsters to fuck off, but I did hear that the level of engagement by the US public is something like 10% at this point. And who are those 10%? The wonks, the crazies, mostly.

    Trump’s not even running for president. He’s running for book sales, TV appearances, marketing his casinos. He’s getting his message out there because the serious candidates don’t care yet. They’ll put all their effort in a few months before the primaries, when the registered voters actually care.

  8. Trump is basically a Democrat anyway.

    Aren’t they all? Just last month the Republican controlled Congress bent over and “compromised” with Obama’s spending bill by giving him everything he wanted – including more money for the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood and cash to import more “refugees”. The Repubs have done nothing to unpick the horrible mess that is Obamacare, and actively collaborate with the Dems to turn the US into a third world country via immigration.

    Trump is socially liberal and only became a Republican five minutes ago, but has been talking tough on the most important issue of all. Might be he’s just blowing smoke, but it’s got him to a solid lead in first place so far.

  9. The Stig – the serious candidates don’t care yet. They’ll put all their effort in a few months before the primaries, when the registered voters actually care.

    The primaries and caucuses start next month.

  10. Terry Bradshaw, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, has just one nut. In the early ’70s, he shared QB duty with Terry Hanratty, also of singular nuttage. Two nuts total between them.

  11. ‘core Republican voters are mad as hell at their party’s craven capitulation over the recent budget.’ – Steve

    Sarah Palin describes it brilliantly as battered wife syndrome. The recent budget is but one of a steady procession of capitulations. They bring us flowers, promise to do better, then give Ohole every thing he wants.

  12. ‘I expect he will lose to Hilary.’

    I hear that a lot. It just doesn’t seem possible to me. Having seen the Nixon-Kennedy debate live on TV, and watching U.S. electoral politics for over 50 years, I just don’t see how an old looking screech owl could get elected.

    I see Hilary as Mondale II. She will get one state at most.

  13. It’s Rubio or Cruz for the Republican nomination. Trump has no chance. At this stage of the cycle, people like Howard Dean, Giuliani and Jesse Jackson had similar numbers and ‘momentum’ as Trump has.

  14. @Gamecock: ” I just don’t see how an old looking screech owl could get elected.”

    Most American Democrats would vote for Caligula’s horse, if the horse runs as a Democrat.

    Keep in mind the pure popular vote is not the deciding factor in American presidential elections – the “electoral” vote by state is what matters. With few exceptions, the states having the greatest number of electoral votes are historically dominated by Democrats. If that holds in 2016, Hillary wins.

    (The unknown factor is whether Hillary may yet be further damaged by fresh news about her Benghazi bungles or her email bungles.)

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    The Laughing Cavalier – “It will be Marco Rubio”

    It will be interesting to see what the Republican Establishment can do to get their own choice picked. And whether it will destroy the Republican Party. A party this stupid does not deserve to exist and should be abolished.

    However I think Rubio has one big problem and it is probably big enough to keep him out of office – Amnesty. That one vote looks like costing him the White House. Because otherwise he is a fine candidate. He should be a shoe-in. The Base is not going to forgive him for that vote.

    Which proves American voters are smarter than European ones. Gideon’s budget this year relies on another million immigrants. I look forward to Cameron standing on that record. No wonder he says he is going.

  16. The old saying goes that Republicans claim that government can’t solve anything and prove it when they get elected. To me this is the only real differentiation between the two parties we are stuck with.

    Currently my vote has to go to either the party that clearly states that the government won’t work or the party that doesn’t. As I know that when I believe something won’t work it doesn’t that means I have no choice but to vote to defeat that attitude. Personally I would love to be able to vote for any candidate that actually shares most of my views but I have yet to have had that choice.

    In my perfect world we would change the way our House of Representatives is elected so that in state districts are removed. In Pennsylvania this would give additional parties a chance to win 1 of the 18 seats we have*.

    *In the current system districts are redrawn by the state government following the census every 10 years. The lines are drawn so that the party in power has a higher chance of getting reelected by placing a majority in as many districts as possible. The areas that are controlled by the opposition party are concentrated in fewer districts. By removing these districts parties like the Libertarian and Green(I have voted for both when the Democratic candidate obviously bad) would have a chance to earn the 5.56% of the vote needed to get a seat at the table.

  17. John Fembup: Benghazi is a dead issue. The Republicans set fire to it and threw it out the window in that ridiculous hearing they ran. Which is a shame, because it’s a telling indicator of her integrity.

  18. “Which is a shame, because it’s a telling indicator of her integrity.”

    Or lack thereof.

    But it was arguably even more indicative of the lack of balls among the Republicans.

  19. Matthew L, I’m not predicting further damage based on the information the public knows today.

    So yes, if you are correct about Benghazi, then Hillary will stuffer no additional harm from it. Same with her email server fiasco.

    The unknown factor is whether more adverse information exists.

  20. Trump has held a huge lead over everybody since the day he made his big splash. His support has gone up and down a little in waves but his FLOOR is higher than everyone elses ceiling. The republican nomination is his, it’s not even in doubt anymore. It’s pure nonsense to say Trumps can’t or won’t do it. He is doing it. Just watch.

  21. ‘The unknown factor is whether more adverse information exists.’

    No. The establishment has all they need to indict her, and send her away for the rest of her life. That they haven’t means that anything new will be handled same as the old – she’ll get a pass.

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