First World Problems

A police investigation has been launched following the death of a fox during a New Year’s Day Hunt.
Cambridgeshire Police were at the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt in Wansford near Peterborough to ensure there was no breach of peace.
The force said that at about 2pm officers were made aware that a creature had been killed.
An investigation has now been launched into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Yes, we have a police investigation into whether a fox was killed during a fox hunt.

Clearly the world has no major problems left.

9 thoughts on “First World Problems”

  1. Every time I go on a long drive I see dead foxes, badgers, deer and pheasants, next time should I report them as “hit and runs” ?

  2. I don’t have much time for plod in general, but I am delighted by the fact that they have done almost nothing to enforce the hunting ban, which they never wanted to have do in the first place (pissing off a whole swathe of law-abiding country folk and chasing horsemen across country). With the hunt saboteurs having pissed off the police so much with their antics, it is highly amusing to hear them complain that these same police are not now doing their bidding. I guess it was easier to lobby inner-city MPs into banning a country pursuit than it is to get plod to do his job.

  3. Plod’s incentives. Much nicer to traipse round grand country houses, being offered tea & biscuits by polite folk; than to run around council estates having abuse hurled at you in twenty-three different languages.

  4. I see those police cuts are biting deeper and deeper.

    Sorry Mrs Smith, we can’t attend your burglary/shoplifting/attempted arson as we are investigating the suspicious death of a fox.

    Yours sincerely, A Prog Plod.

  5. Has a chav shrine been erected for the fox yet? Football scarves, candles, teddy bears and garage forecourt flowers. “Goodnight Foxy u is wiv the angles now”

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