Guy Verhofstadt speaks out!

British people should reflect on the fact that the only leader who would stand to gain from a British withdrawal from the European Union is Vladimir Putin. There are several reasons for thinking this.

All of them to do with trying to scare you shitless about the idea that you might escape the power of federasts like me.

12 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt speaks out!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    At the moment my preference for politicians probably runs something like this:

    ISIS << Guy Verhofstadt << Corbyn = Cameron << Putin

    Frankly I wish the Cold War had ended with Putin and all his colleagues hanging from ropes, but it didn't and I don't see why strengthening him now would be such a bad thing when our own politicians are so much worse. They are the ones that made sure he wasn't hanging from a rope end after all.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Rob – “Do you remember the days when the Guardian was outraged at a foreigner interfering in our politics? I do.”

    Well no, I don’t. In fact I am pretty sure that I remember the days when the Guardian was working to make sure one did. A Russian leader too as it happens.

    I doubt there has ever been a day when the entire staff didn’t get what passes for a hard on among the sackless at the thought of Che running Britain.

  3. I was referring to the rage when a European CEO of a company intervened in sone debate (the GE? The European election?) with a mildly euro sceptic tone and the entire Left had an embolism.

  4. Gosh, Guy is all in favour of energy security! Can’t wait for all that pro-fracking and nuclear legislation! Although Guy, baby, you might want to reconsider your idea of the “EU and the values it stands for – fundamental rights, media freedom, equality and the rule of law” are actually more “don’t let anyone other than the vlasti make the decisions and if anyone foolishly asks the people their opinion, ignore them and demand fresh votes until the *right* decision is taken”. Bit similar to Putin really, which is why the likes of Gerhard are doing so well these days, despite his excellent right on credentials 🙂

  5. “Federast” ….

    Got to love the capacity of the english language to put a metric ton of subtext into a single word. And explains why it’s so hard to actuallymaster..

  6. Are we supposed to assume that all these global leaders want us to stay in because it would serve our interests best ? What sort of idiot would make that assumption… apart from Guy and the mongs at the Guardian, of course ?

    By their statements all of these leaders are, as always, serving their own interests and most will be serving their national interests as well. Membership of the EU has not diminished the passion of each country for doing this nor will it until the federasts win and regional identities have been diluted to homeopathic levels by mass population movements.

    Whilst it is not inconceivable that UK interests might be broadly aligned with those of other states from time to time, it will always be safer to consider the opinions of the leaders of other states to be just so much background farting.

  7. A little mind game with Euro enthusiasts leading up to the referendum: when they ask “why leave the EU” the reply is “Actually, Britain is a sovereign nation. The question is why we should be in the EU; not why we should leave it”.
    Hearing them scramble for a positive reason to support the EU, instead of the scaremongering, is hilarious.

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