How delightfully old fashioned the Telegraph can be

He never married.
Robert Stigwood, born April 16 1934, died January 4 2016

6 thoughts on “How delightfully old fashioned the Telegraph can be”

  1. Or perhaps very modern. He could have married a man or a woman. We also like to think sexuality is largely irrelevant. In such circumstances saying he didn’t marry is as much a matter of fact as it is an innuendo.

  2. “He never married.” Always uttered, in my day, in a low bass voice.

    Other Telegraph obituary euphemisms:

    “A sometimes difficult colleague”. Self-serving, double-dealing cunt.

    “Sociable” Waiting for a liver transplant.

    “Flirtatious” Couldn’t leave the ladies alone.

    “Notably careful with money” Mick Jagger/Ken Dodd.

  3. Magnus has it right.

    In this poisoned age why would the –alleged–newspaper employ euphemisms ?

    Why not just say “He was an enthusiastic sodomite”–if such was the case.

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