I think I might move to Tuscany for a bit

Vineyard owners and farmers are backing a plan to cull up to a quarter of a million wild boar and deer in Tuscany, claiming that populations are spiralling out of control.
The makers of Chianti Classico are complaining that their vineyards are under nightly assault from the animals, particularly wild boar.
Tuscany’s regional government wants to allow the culling of 250,000 wild boar, roe deer and fallow deer over the next three years in order to reduce the pressure on the agriculture sector.

Because there’s going to be an awful lot of lovely, juicy, free range meat that needs to be eaten.

13 thoughts on “I think I might move to Tuscany for a bit”

  1. The results of the cull will be declared “industrial waste ” and incinerated. To protect legitimate boar and venison farmers.

  2. The results of the cull will be declared “industrial waste ” and incinerated. To protect legitimate boar and venison farmers.

    And, if this were in France, private hunting would be outlawed and (as somebody on here pointed out before) teams of government employees would need hiring on lifetime contracts to enact the cull.

  3. Boar hunting in Italy is regulated fairly tightly but carried out by private outfits who roam the hills in the season in teams with dogs and vehicles. Most likely they will extend the season and organise a few more mass culls where a number of different groups hunt together to get up to 200 rifles onto a particular piece of hill.

    In general so far as I am aware the outfits consume a fair amount themselves and sell the rest to pay for ammunition, licences, dog food etc.

    It is probably quite fun but it is quite hard and expensive to get a hunting licence as there is an exam and quite costly annual fees and so on,so you have to be quite serious to want to bother.

    For that reason it’s mostly older blokes that do it and so like most of these things it’s dying out. In 20 years the boars will have taken over, the government will be doing the culls with great cost and inefficiency, and taxes will go up again…

    Where I am I wake every saturday and sunday to the music of 7.62 – makes a change from radio 2 anyway.

  4. I would most readily volunteer to put a dent into that pile of “industrial waste”.
    For the Good of the Nation and all that..

    Now the problem of getting my “Make an Animal into Savoury Treats” equipment all the way to Tuscany… 🙁

  5. From experience at the other end of Tuscany – boar can be had legally (with a licence) but you can’t get a licence to take deer.

    Happily, there’s an EU scheme to subsidise wolf-proof fences (they pay for the wire, you put it up at your own cost) to protect livestock. What keeps out wolves also works on deer.

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