I’m sure he will end up with a “real” Messi shirt

And yet there’s something rather more lovely about his one made from a plastic bag.

“I love Messi, he plays well, the shirt was made by my brother and I liked it very much,” he said after being tracked down by the AFP news agency.

If this really is Sir Pterry’s universe then an ageing Messi will, in one of his last games for Argentina, face a young Murtaza Ahmadi playing for Afghanistan. But alas it is not that world at all, we may well be Pan Narrans but it does not run on narrativium. Million to one shots are not sure things in our version.

3 thoughts on “I’m sure he will end up with a “real” Messi shirt”

  1. More likely, Lionel Messi will send him a signed shirt which his male relatives will confiscate and sell, and keep the money.

    I remember a story in one of the papers about how the kid in Slumdog Millionaire had a trust fund set up for him by the filmmakers which matures when he reaches 18 in lieu of payment in order to stop his greedy, grasping relatives purloining his money. Sure enough, this sent his father raging, saying “what use is the money then? We need it now!”

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