Makes sense really

Jerry Hall, 59, and Rupert Murdoch, 84, announce their ENGAGEMENT in The Times after a whirlwind four month romance

Rupe’s not going to want to hang about at his age, is he?

And wonder if anyone will try to tell him the Pablo Casals joke?

20 thoughts on “Makes sense really”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    How many f&&king times does he have to get bit before he learns?

    It can’t be the sex at his age. Why would he risk another divorce settlement?

  2. He was told by his doctor that having sex every night could be dangerous he replied well if she dies, she dies.

  3. It’s clearly a lovematch, and he believes she’s not a gold digger…Sorry, no fool like an old fool, you say?

  4. Mr Ecks – when you get to Rupert’s age, it’s probably not all about the champagne buckets full of Viagra and gruesome tortoise-like coitus any more. What would he talk about with a 29 year old?

    Ms Hall is still an attractive lady for her age, has had an interesting life, won’t embarrass him at formal dinners, and probably won’t object to sticking the kettle on and watching “Murder She Wrote”.

    Machiavelli – 🙂

  5. What is he gonna talk to a 59 year-old about?

    All the people he has shat on? How much money he has? How his footsteps are set in the sands of time? Masonic ritual? The New World Order and his role in its upfall?

    You are too old for sentiment Steve.

  6. Mr Ecks – What is he gonna talk to a 59 year-old about?

    “Remember when you were at school and I was a middle aged man?”

    Kevin B – as long as The Joker steers clear, they’ll be fine.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Adrian – “Old Digger marries Gold Digger”

    No, he divorced the Gold Digger. Whatever else you can say about Ms Hall, and I can think of some, she is not smart and scheming when it comes to money matters. Jagger “married” her on the beach in Bali and so she got nothing.

  8. Had to google the Casals joke – pretty funny.

    Not sure how accurately the source reports it, since it’s George Carlin

    Pablo Casals was in his 90s and doing an occasional — an occasional — recital, but he rehearsed three hours a day, regardless.

    Someone said to him, “You know, Pablo, you’re in your 90s now. You’re a past master. Everyone knows you’re an accomplished cellist. Everyone knows you’re a virtuoso. Why do you still practice three hours a day?” He said, “Well, I’m beginning to notice some improvement.”
    (second last para)

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