Never knew this

After a decade as a major cult figure and occasional hit-maker, Bowie reached a broad mainstream audience with 1983’s “Let’s Dance,” a modern dance-music collection produced by Nile Rogers, with lead guitar from Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Stevie Ray? have to listen to that again. Stevie had an instantly recognisable guitar sound and style. But I’ve never even dreamed that he was on that album. Weird.

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  1. Bowie went to the montreux festival and saw SRV playing and invited him. He”s in the video. The solo is sublime and unmistakably SRV.

  2. Yes, listening to it again. About 1.49 in the video, one note. That’s SRV. Still sustaining it at 1.56 or so……

  3. Nile Rodgers too, the man really is a hit maker. When his obituary is written there will be a lot of people saying “I never knew he was involved in xyz”.

    Bless you David.

  4. Stevie Ray, big time all star session man, a sort of Jimmy Page, except “able to read music” was on his cv…

  5. re: John Miller

    Actually, SRV did mentioned many times in interview that he doesn’t read music. Which is kind of weird consider how in demand he was as a session musician.

  6. It’s Rodgers not Rogers, and the rest of Chic (Bernie Edwards and Tony Thompson) appeared on it too.

    Bowie had aknack of picking great guitarists for albums: Mick Robson, Robert Fripp, Carlos Alomar, Reeves Gabrels, Earl Slick, Peter Frampton & SRV.

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