Is Facebook the enemy of truth and civic unity?

Another in our series of questions in The Guardian we can answer.

And haven’t these people ever heard of Betteridge’s Law?

5 thoughts on “No”

  1. Beneath the click bait title, that’s a perfectly good article that, broadly, also concludes that the answer is ‘no’.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I wonder if they are concerned Facebook will move in and start stealing all their clickbai^H^H^H I mean news reporting?

    If Facebook allowed people to access news feeds without the advertising, the Guardian might be concerned. For all I know they do to be honest, I don’t use Facebook. But I think that a disclaimer somewhere would be nice.

  3. “The defining political achievements of the past decade have favored tolerance and empathy”

    What complete and utter balls, unless you define “tolerance and empathy” as “our side”.

  4. “The defining political achievements of the past decade”: what? The rise of ISIS? Russia pocketing The Crimea. The US overthrowing the democratically elected government in the Ukraine? NATO fighting a stupid air campaign in Libya? Cameron wanting to bomb Syria? Miliband and then Davey effing up electricity supply. The EU stopping the dredging of rivers and streams? What Germany did to Greece? What Merkel did to encourage an invasion of Europe? The obvious internal rotting of the American Empire?

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