No one ever accused the convicts of subtelty

But dear God they suffer from pantywaists.

A provocative advertisement encouraging Australians to eat lamb has been criticised for discriminating against vegans and portraying excessive violence.
The advertisement, which has gone viral on social media and been viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube, depicts a military campaign to bring Australians home from overseas so that they can eat lamb on Australia Day.
In a controversial scene that has reportedly sparked more than 60 complaints to the advertising watchdog, a team of special agents break into an Australian man’s apartment in New York and ignite a blowtorch after he reveals he has become a vegan.


15 thoughts on “No one ever accused the convicts of subtelty”

  1. Not to lose out on the pendantry stakes

    Subtlety, shirly!

    That aside, what fun! I have to admit to being totally untraumatised.

  2. I loved it! 🙂

    Also completely untraumatised…

    FFS, where are we going to be in five years? You won’t be able to say or do anything without some special interest group complaining…

  3. No different from here really. A vocal minority of the perpetually aggrieved. Look at the fuss here last year about the ad on the tube for weight loss powders for example.

  4. Is this a malaise exclusive to the Anglo-Saxon world? I don’t read newspapers/blogs etc in foreign parts but this seems to only affect the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

    Are the French like this? The Germans, Italians, Portuguese?

  5. It is ironic that ‘activists’ who insist on a day or a week or even a month for every lunatic fringe issue complain about a day when people eat lamb.

  6. MattyJ – the fatty feminists going apeshit over that weight loss advert was hilarious.

    It didn’t even make fun of blubbermonsters, it just had a picture of a pretty girl in a bikini. That was enough to trigger the heffalumps.

    They bandied about a lot of slogans about the Patriarchy, but couldn’t obfuscate the fact that they just hate attractive women.

  7. Rob,

    > “Are the French like this? The Germans, Italians, Portuguese?”

    It’s a northern European thing. The Germans, Dutch, and Skandis get upset about this sort of thing; the French are too busy eating delicious horse / rabbit / frog’s legs (things which your average Brit is too squeamish to eat). Woe betide you if you try to serve non-Halal lamb in France though.

    I have no idea where the Irish sit on the northern/southern European scale. Not so long ago they were poor, Catholic, and illiberal: similar to e.g. Portugal. However Irish society is changing at an incredible pace: booming economy, high immigration, gay marriage, effective disestablishment of the Catholic church, and all the rest. No doubt they’re already wailing about vegan food.

  8. ummm… for the dutch: the politically-correct globally-conscient cultural Intellectual apologists get Upset. And busy making Statements and stuff.
    Joe average doesn’t give a rats’ arse. He’s worried about the next round of redundancies, and the fact that currently there isn’t a job to be had if you do get hit by them.

  9. That was hilarious.

    With the complaints I guess I will bow to pressure and not have lamb on Australia Day. This year’s menu will be completely vegan. If you’re vegan you’re on the menu. I will have to come up with some interesting side dishes as the main course will be lacking in certain proteins normal humans need for life.

  10. “Joe average doesn’t give a rat’s arse”

    Much as in Australia. And everywhere else. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the ear of many journalists, and even where he has the opportunity to vote against media/politicians/companies that swallow this shit.. he tends not to.

  11. I’m not surprised they have to use strongarm tactics to flog Aussie mutton-dressed-as-lamb. It’s as tough and stringy as a Botany Bay whore at the end of a 10 hour Australian Lamb Day shift. Now if it were succulent, tasty, juicy New Zealand lamb, even the pantywaist vegans would be queuing up for seconds…

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