None so arch as a Progressive, eh?

The third Democratic contender, Martin O’Malley, is a personable and reasonable liberal who seems more suited for the jobs he has already had — governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore — than for president.


12 thoughts on “None so arch as a Progressive, eh?”

  1. Yeah, I remember that interview with the maker of The Wire saying what an absolute clusterfuck he’d made of the city on just about every level – but he’d vote for him again in a heartbeat because he was a Democrat.

  2. Liberal Yank – depending on how old you are, Baltimore has probably had a Democrat Mayor for your whole life, or close to it. The mayor has been exclusively Democrat since 1967, and since 1947 there has only been one Republican, from ’63 to ’67.

  3. Re: dcardno

    Its like when those asshats at Black Lives Matter protest over “gentle giant/thieving scumbag” (delete as appropriate Michael Brown.

    They effectively say its a white problem despite:

    Majority Black Police Force
    Black Head of Police
    Black Mayor
    Black Governor
    Democratic politicians since the year dot

    But its Trump’s fault or something. Its like the Glaswegians voting Labour – and ending up with a worse life expectancy than an Albanian goatherder.

  4. The first time I was in Baltimore was probably in 85 or 86 to visit the aquarium.

    If it is anything like Pittsburgh the problem is the corruption in the political machine. Blaming a single man doesn’t help to fix the broken systems in place. Electing Republicans only works if they aren’t as corrupt as the existing Democrats which in most cases they aren’t. Luckily we had a good man who happened to be a Republican to elect just as the city was forced to change.

  5. Been governor of somewhere. How did he do? Has he learned anything?
    Been mayor of somewhere- same questions.
    Not been governor or mayor of anywhere? Go away and SHOW us what you can do.
    If it must be a Dem, and I pray not, O’Malley for me.

  6. I just noticed a typo. I meant to say that in my experience Republicans are just as corrupt as Democrats.

    The Republican that I refer to is Jim Roddey. As the first Chief Executive of Allegheny county he heavily damaged the existing Democratic political machine. He served only 1 term but managed to restructure the property tax structure in which some properties hadn’t been reassessed in nearly a century. Additionally the County Row Offices were consolidated eliminating a huge source of political patronage jobs.

    If I am stuck with a Republican I can only hope the man is 10% as good as Roddey. Sadly at age 80 I believe his days of running for office are over. Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are the only candidates I feel have the same type of integrity. Since Sanders’s economic are far to costly* and his energy policy is moronic then the best choice this election is Paul.

  7. Sanders is a turd who openly supports a creed that has murdered 150 million human beings-so far. He is a moron that thinks too many deodorants is the cause of urban poverty when 60 years of welfare and trillions in state handouts –the very garbage he believes in– are behind poverty. Both sides in your politics peddle statist/socialistic solutions which have taken what was an ever reducing problem 70 years ago to an ever growing blight today. Socialism in action. Proving that even mealy-mouthed milk and water socialism ruins and destroys the productive efforts of humanity.

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