Not really I think?

A British woman has revealed she was sold as a sex slave in Greece and forced to work as a prostitute for six years after going on holiday to the country with her mother at the age of 14.
Megan Stephens*, 25, was regularly made to sleep with up to 50 men a day – and was once forced to have sex with 110 men in just 22 hours – after the man she thought was her boyfriend sold her to a sex trafficker called Leon.

One every 14 minutes for 24 hours?

Don’t think so really, do you?

As Our Man around here who understands the economics of the trade says, there just aren’t that sort of number of punters anyway.

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  1. Aye, I heard from one nominally Russian girl – first hand – that she serviced 10 blokes in one night when she arrived in Thailand as the new kid on the block, and she did that precisely once. As Annabel Chong found out some years ago, women aren’t physically able to have sex with 110 men in 22 hours.

  2. Jak then took her to an office building and told her to go to the top floor. She went upstairs to find herself at a lawyer’s office. Inside, he locked the door and pushed her into a small windowless room.

    ‘There was a single bed and at the foot of it a video camera on a tripod,’ she said. ‘I was so frightened and convinced that he was going to murder me that I just stood there making little whimpering noises like a defeated and submissive animal.

    50 Shades of Bullshit.

    She is now happily settled with her partner and they are looking forward to the birth of their child in March.

    Fucking hell. That poor, stupid bastard.

    ‘I thought about pursuing legal action but I was just too afraid to ever mention names. I would still be too scared to go down that route.’


    Megan has written a memoir of her experiences called Bought & Sold […] Bought & Sold is out now, published by Harper Collins.


  3. She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly.

  4. Except me, which is why Ironman gets so angry.

    Anyway, immediate scepticism at someone “too scared to name names” who comes out in public. Because if it were true, that’s painting a target on your back.

    I call BS too.

  5. “Matthew L

    She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly”


    No we wouldn’t.

    The stories which emerged from Rotherham and other places involved girls who gave accounts of sometimes as many as four or five men at a time or in an evening.


    If any girl emerged with stories of 100 men in a day I’d be saying that was bollocks too.

    So, pretty miserable attempt at a typical left-wing approach to such concerns. Just scweam ‘wascist, wascist” throughout the debate with your fingers in your nears.

  6. “She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly.”

    If she’s said that then she’d never have got a publisher. In fact she’d probably be arrested.

  7. And apart from the obvious physical limitations of the human body, the fact that Greek brothels don’t have men queueing around the block at all hours, etc. etc. another problem with her claim:

    and was once forced to have sex with 110 men in just 22 hours

    is that punters might have low standards, but they’re not that low.

    Pimp: “Excuse me sir! May I interest you in raping this fine quality sex slave? She’s only been fucked by 99 other men so far today! Just ignore the blood.”

    Punter: “Nah, I’m good thanks.”

  8. “She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly.”


  9. “and was once forced to have sex with 110 men in just 22 hours”

    Maybe HMS Victory had just docked after three months blockading Toulon.

  10. “Megan recalls her confusion that the man she believed was in love with her would make her do something like that.”

    Men lie for sex, money, and power. Aren’t women taught that any more? (Yes, women lie too; but women already know that.)

  11. “She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly.”

    Mmmm. Almost. No mention, though, of the halal kebab between nos 71 and 73 which would have been the clincher!

  12. Usual question to this sort of claim. Where you going to find 110 men who’ll stand around waiting for their sloppy seconds? What Tim fails to mention re the Annabel Chong marathon, (& reportedly other sextravaganzas) is the man-count was padded by participants going round multiple times. Even in the pr0n capital of the world they couldn’t round up enough live-uns.
    It’s where these shock-horror re ports always fail. There simply isn’t the demand in the marketplace. And why the “sex slavery” thing’s mostly bollocks. There’s no way you could show a profit.

  13. “Megan Stephens fell for Albanian Jak on holiday in Greece with her mother..”

    Albanian Jak – did he used to work with Long John Silver? Terrible if true, but my BS detector says it sounds more like attention seeking in order to sell a book.

  14. Oh, & for a bit of research input, Dropped ino one of our local facilties on the way home, last night. !!?? No. Place has got an excellent snack bar feeds the on- duty chicas. Best VFM on the coast at 2am. The club had about 18 hot-to-trot hookers salivating over one lonely geezer. And he looked too pissed to be capable. That,regretably, is the reality of the sex industry.

  15. @”Matthew L
    January 19, 2016 at 11:40 am

    She should have said that it was Muslim immigrants that did it, then you’d all believe her unquestioningly.

    She did say that, most Albanians are Muslims!

  16. Even Messalina, wife of the Emperor Claudius, could allegedly manage just 25 men in 24 hours in a competition with a prostitute. 110 men in 22 hours is utter BS.

  17. Remember how Roy used to get his trumpet mouthpiece and a bit garden hose and shove it in to things to se if he could get a tune out, well….,.

  18. I remember Roy doing his rather tedious multifarious act at the Glasgow empire, complete with trumpet, tap, poor jokes, the lot. A despairing voice bellowed from the floor: “is there no end to this cunt’s talent?”

  19. BiS: “And why the “sex slavery” thing’s mostly bollocks. There’s no way you could show a profit.”

    There’s several criminal cartels that have that one in their portfolio that proves you wrong.
    It’s profitable enough all right, if you’re ruthless enough to recruit your “potential” and keep the established Interested Parties at bay.
    And it’s common enough to rate specific legislation….

    As a fetish, it seems that a certain US west coast production company has actually managed to build a thriving business on the basic concept from willing participants.

    So no.. both the involuntary and criminal slavery and the voluntary commercial fetish-driven kind are very much a commercial reality.

    As for the 110 in so-many-hours….
    As the Marquis de Sade mused the many ways one could do Things simultaneously if one was willing to share and shift over a bit, it’s technically feasible to hit that number. If the center of attention doesn’t collapse from exhaustion after a few hours at least.

    If she was forced to participate in the production of one of the dodgy eastern-european bukkake/gangbang style shoots, you’d only need 30-ish willing blokes ** and a couple of “takes” over a day *** to hit that number.

    ** You’d be surprised how many Able and Willing turn up on short notice when a Casting Call is put out in the Business. And that’s for actual bona-fide productions where your mug will most likely be recogniseable in the final product.

    *** Location is usually the most expensive thing on the budget, so producers tend to make it count, regardless of the purpose of the shoot.

    Really, it not as if there isn’t enough written about the inner workings of “the Industry”, both legal and illegal, that you cannot find enough references and examples ( and raised eyebrows and occasional risk of an unsettled stomach, even for the most hardy of souls) in about 15 minutes of research.

  20. “I remember Roy doing his rather tedious multifarious act at the Glasgow empire, complete with trumpet, tap, poor jokes, the lot. A despairing voice bellowed from the floor: “is there no end to this cunt’s talent?””

    Like Spike Milligans story about Mike and Bernie Winters appearing at the Empire: Mike appeared first and played his clarinet for about five minutes, then Bernie sidled on from stage right. A wag in the audience cried: ” Oh, Jesus Christ no – there’s two of ’em.”

  21. Grikath-

    The problem with your references is you’ll find they are all the same sort of “shock horror” stories as this. And no, the porn industry doesn’t count. Any more than Independence Day is proof of extra-terrestrials.

  22. IanB.

    You are correct that Independence Day is not proof of extraterrestrials.
    Its existence is, however, proof of a substantial economy surrounding the production and consumption of semipatriottic crap.

    Whether or not the tale in this book is verifyably true, and whether or not the “author” is trying to coin on a Shock-Horror wave of Indignance, the fact remains that there’s a serious problem related to forced prostitution and organised crime that the whole Shock-Horror is based on.
    Because, unfortunately, similar stories happen all too often.

  23. TimN: Asia, generally speaking, doesn’t play by our Rules. Nor shares many of our Western Sensitivities.

    But 500k?.. That’s roughly 25% of the entire Vietnamese population of that age group (taken as 14-18-ish, going by official demographics for 2014).
    That’s not a problem, that’s an exodus..

  24. The problem is, the assumption of the “serious problem” is all this kind of source. Many people no doubt believe in it because of the movie Eden, released three years ago with great hoopla as a true story, only for the said “sex slave” to turn out to be a fraud.

    The problem is, our society has a significant economic demand for Trauma Porn. “True stories”, the more lurid the better. So we get fake abuse memoirs, fake Satanic cult memoirs, fake Holocaust memoirs (e.g. Fragments) and so on. The “white slavery” panic was big a hundred years ago, and under Feminism, this is the Second Wave’s version. The problem is that there is an awful lot of difficulty finding any real cases of it. But who cares when somebody can write an exciting story that just claims to be true?

  25. And regarding the Nail Bars, that was Tim N’s point, Grikath. It was a made up statistic to describe a made up phenomenon designed for Shock And Awe.

  26. I remember the good old days when invented bollocks was restricted to fake biographies of Irish Catholic upbringings. Now it’s global.

  27. Ummm Ian.. A bit of digging through official government stats from the Netherlands and UK show a fair and consistent number of prosecutions and convictions for “Human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation”.
    Close to a case *every single week* on average over the past 5 years, each year, in fact.
    And that’s not counting labour exploitation, that’s a different criminal category in both nations.

    And that’s from, not You may want to look them up yourself. The UK stats are easy to find.
    it’s category 72, second page on the excel sheet provided.

    So… not that hard to find any real cases after all?

  28. Being “common enough to warrant legislation” is absolutely zero proof of anything. Scare du jour gets legislation, whoop de woo. Sex Slavery probably “exists” in some minor forms depending on the definitions, in Western Europe that is

    If one excludes the usual “pimp is mean and nasty to his girls and they feel they can’t escape…” stories, there’s very little that isn’t purely anecdotal by way of evidence. Include Rotherham type incidences though and you’re perhaps getting some data, but they’re Muslims so they don’t count.

    Bullshit promotional material sells books, now THERE’S a likely explanation…

  29. Human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation

    Check the definitions they are using. Helping a resigned to it tart across a border so she can ply her trade in a) a richer country and b) away from people who might tell her mum counts.

    I don’t disbelieve that sex slavery exists. Although for reasons of there normally being enough non-slaves, I suspect the actual form is very rare. Especially where punters might grass.

    However there is a considerable industry out there to convince politicians and law enforcement that it is rife. Maggie McNeill is your information source here.

  30. Grithkath: Sorry–you are pushing a load of crapola.

    You are aware of Operation Pentameter which “officially” claimed to have found 573 cases of UK “trafficking”?

    Which of course turned rapidly to farce,
    Machiavelli ‘s link above tells the whole tale,

    Suffice to say that on 14th November 2009 even that shiterag The Guardian admitted:

    “The UK’s biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country.”

    Please be aware that the CM narrative pushes false claims against wicked white men and minimises actual crimes that don’t fit the narrative.

    Re Matthew L’s tripe at the beginning of this thread. You will find that testimony from women who claim wicked white men (Rolf etc) abused them is accepted with enthusiasm altho’ this testimony is forty years old and entirely uncorroborated by a shred of actual fact or is indeed sometimes partly contradicted by established facts. For example the “13 year old ” who claimed Rolf molested her at a fete. The fete did happen as a matter of historical record but not until 3 years later and six miles from where/when she said it did. Which should have called the rest of her testimony into question but strangely didn’t.

    If the statements of women do not fit the CM narrative however, as in the case of Cologne, we find that the testimony of women to events only hours or days old is regarded as “unreliable”. As was opined by various leftist pundits and repeated by Frances Coppola on this blog a few days ago.

  31. The”sex slave” meme depends on the notion that there must be a shortage in the market for woman available to provide paid sex. No doubt because of the belief there’s a reluctance by girls to provide the service. The truth is, there”s no reluctance whatsoever. The only limitin factor is price point. So the only opportunity to market “sex slaves” would be at the cheapest end. How cheap can you go? Even in London, which is an expensive city for the trade, the floor for consensual service providers is around £30. How the hell are you going to make any money under that, bearing in mind the added costs of “managing” the girl over the zero costs of the self motivated independent?
    The only way a “sex slave” model is viable is if the supply of willing providers is artificially restricted. Which, of course, the sex trade bansturbators are desparately intent on doing.

  32. I’m thinking, we really ought to encourage a myth about “double glazing sales slaves” or “financial advisor slaves” or even “lawyer slaves”. Could make life so much better.

  33. bloke in spain,

    It also depends on the idea that men that use prostitutes just want an orifice, that they will indulge with a miserable looking abused woman. It says so much about feminists ideas about men.

    It’s why sex slavery just doesn’t work. If you went into a place and were shown into a room with a tearful girl, most men would (at worst) drop the money and leave, never to return. They might downvote on Punternet. And a percentage would place an anonymous tip-off. if even 1% of punters were willing to go to the police, that’s your business destroyed in a couple of weeks, and you serving a 10 year stretch. You’d have to trust all punters not to squeal. At which point, you’d have a very small number of punters, people you really know, and then it wouldn’t be worth it.

    I imagine that gang rape is more common than forced prostitution.

  34. bloke in spain,

    I’m certain there are more domestic slaves than prostitution slaves – women who are working in a kitchen and chained to it. It’d be easier to get away with that.

    The effect of the media can’t be dismissed. There’s no drama in a single mother working in a rub-a-tug shop with lonely but harmless blokes coming in wanting a blowjob and paying and leaving with a smile on their face. Put them in slavery, needing their fix of crack, and you’ve got a dramatic situation or Christian Slater shooting Gary Oldman.

    Look at Sweden and how the feminists think they’ve won because street prostitution is down. Because their idea of prostitution is that streetwalking is a big thing, because that’s a common media and news portrayal. Never mind that it’s been in decline since cellphones and the internet anyway.

  35. I’m certain there are more domestic slaves than prostitution slaves

    I bet there are too, and working in large houses owned by wealthy citizens of the Gulf States who allow no outsiders to even look through the windows, let alone come in. Of course, the police wouldn’t touch this with a bargepole through fear of being branded racist.

  36. @Tim
    I might even have seen this first hand. House in Hampstead’s Bishops Ave we had work on. Absentee Arab woman’s gaff. Still managed to need a crew of assorted tinted personal of assorted sexes. Except you never actually saw any more than brief glimpses. All cleared out the way by the head honcho ruled over it. All very odd. Lots of scurrying going on, around corners.

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