Nowt like democracy, is there?

Mr Maduro has announced a “people’s parliament” to run alongside the Assembly, and last week used an extraordinary legislative session to appoint 13 new judges and 23 substitute judges to the 32-member Supreme Court.
Venezuela’s Supreme Court has blocked the parliamentary super-majority won by the opposition in December’s landmark elections

12 thoughts on “Nowt like democracy, is there?”

  1. Maybe he’s inspired by Obama who appears to be ruling by decree on the subject of the second amendment because the legislative branch hasn’t done what he thinks they should. Which one is the banana republic, again?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    When my son and his friends had finished their Occupy Bath protests they decided to form a Peoples’ Assembly or something like that. I told him to get his head out of his arse, the people of Bath had just had a local election and elected an assembly and if they didn’t like it they should have stood for election.

    He went very quiet, which I knew was a sign I’d made a telling point and he soon started drifting away from that crowd. He’s now grown out of that phase and when he and his girlfriend (stood for Green Party in GE) were down at Christmas he informed me he reckoned they were better of under the Tories than Labour, although I can’t see either of them voting Tory.

    Shame there isn’t someone around to give Maduro a similar slap.

  3. Was there really an Occupy Bath?

    Well, actually, OK, Walcott Road has been like that since the 60s I suppose.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    This is just what the out going Polish government attempted to do as well. Let’s see if it works out for either.

    What I want to know is why a small number of old age pensioners of questionable intellectual faculties are holding on in the US Supreme Court. They must know there is a good chance the next President, likely to be Republican, maybe even Trump, will get to pick their replacements. Why not go now?

  5. At least US Presidential Executive Orders are bound by the constitution and law, and in the past century have been carefully written to state what constitutional or legislative authority they are being authorised by to avoid being struck down by the Supreme Court.

  6. Was there really an Occupy Bath?

    Yeah, I strolled past their camp one time on my way to the Rec a couple of years ago. Maybe Queen Square?

    If I lived near there, it would have been very tempting to pop back overnight and superglue Tea Party posters over theirs 🙂

  7. “In Parliament, Tony Blair seemed not to understand that the survival of Cuba since 1979 is an inspiration to the poorest in the region, and that Venezuela is seriously conquering poverty by emphatically rejecting the Neo Liberal policies of the world’s financial institutions.”

    Jeremy Corbyn (because it can’t be repeated often enough what a dipshit he is).

  8. Off topic, but I see the racist cretin SMFS is on this thread. So it seems pertinent to point him to Bloke IN Germany’s thoughts on ‘Paki’. (Remember he is a Brits Asian):-

    “Even though I’m not actually a Paki, it’s (was then) unequivocally an extremely degrading insult with intent to display ones prejudice against those of a different skin colour. It’s the intention behind a word that gives it power, not the word itself, and “Paki” is as closely associated with its association with the intent to cause racial offence as “Nigger”. If anything there are even fewer contexts in which “Paki” is not offensive than “Nigger”.”

    Clear words can have unambiguous meaning, a meaning that is impossible not to grasp. And yet you appear not to understand them.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “Clear words can have unambiguous meaning, a meaning that is impossible not to grasp. And yet you appear not to understand them.”

    They do indeed. And as I pointed out, BiG is objecting to the intent behind the words. The sort of hatred that leads you to call other people things like cretin and racist.

    The SJW trick is to avoid criticising that hatred and instead criticise a word in order that they can criticise the entire White British population. They don’t care about the hatred. You don’t either. They just want a cudgel to silence anyone whose politics different from theirs. No more.

    As I said to you before.

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